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Internet Trends 2019

Internet Trends 2019

Percentage of adults online

As the world gets digitalized, many businesses are turning to online platforms to increase their sales. In line with the general population acquiring smartphones and easy internet access, millennials are the largest group of internet users as they spend most of their time on their phones. The slide on the “% of adults online ‘almost constantly’” caught my eye because it represents the extended period people in different age groups stayed on their phones in the year 2018, raising the question of whether this had a positive or negative outcome (Meeker, 2019).

The process graph represented a high percentage of adults online, indicating the opportunity for business growth. The more time people spend online, the more businesses can market their goods and services. The need by businesses to advertise their products led to the emergence and growth of advertising platforms. Economies developed as digitization got normalized. People could now shop online and have their items delivered, resulting in business growth and dominance of online services.

The more time people spent online, the more the economy improved. However, this came with negative impacts of the addiction to phones and the internet. Health problems arose as people stayed online to not miss out on trending topics, leading to sleep deprivation, health problems such as eyesight issues, and depression. Besides cyberbullying is another recent outcome of internet addiction. Some internet users attack other users using harsh words online, causing anxiety and depression.

In conclusion, the time people spend online led to economic growth worldwide and, on the other hand, increased health-related problems. However, the positives in terms of economic growth outweighed the negatives resulting from the health problems.


Meeker, M., 2019. Internet Trends: 2019. p.161.


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 Internet Trends 2019

Of the 300+ Slides, which Slide would you select as your “wow, aha, that’s interesting” trend and a sentence(s) why.

Internet Trends 2019

Internet Trends 2019

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