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Improving Job Candidate Experience

Improving Job Candidate Experience

Metrics to Optimize Social Media Use

In every organization, victorious operations are achieved by workers with the correct experience and skills. The Human Resource Department must look for accurate talents to obtain the right people for open positions. The above is achieved via recruitment, whereby the recruiter must discover the candidates that fulfill their specifications from many candidates. Online recruiting is a primary avenue where companies such as Airbnb can find qualified individuals.

The typical internet user owns more than five social media accounts. Individuals use different online communities to talk and share with like-minded people (Jeske & Shultz, 2016). Social media is a focal point where individuals with varying ideas, experiences, and skills interact. By monitoring the social media platforms for prospective candidates, Airbnb can optimize the hiring process. Tracking suitable candidates for Airbnb can be very simple because social media is a rich source of potential candidates.

Airbnb is a high-profile organization with an extensive social media presence. There is a high chance that online users are already conversing about its values and services. Airbnb’s recruiters should contemplate participating in the above conversations because they offer an excellent opportunity to communicate with prospective candidates. Subsequently, the organization becomes more approachable by engaging with the online community (Phillips & Gully, 2012). In addition, the human resource department should come up with quality content. Usually, potential candidates envision how they will operate with the organization and the possible careers at the firm. Airbnb ought to establish an effective strategy to achieve competent candidates successful in social media recruiting.

Effective Initiatives to Improve Candidate’s Experience

The experience of candidates is crucial since it governs a worker’s intent to remain at the company, their productivity, and engagement. Airbnb has employed several initiatives to enhance their candidates’ experience, for instance, improving their communication channels, employee well-being, career pathing, and doing candidate follow-ups. Accordingly, Airbnb puts into place proper communication channels with its candidates and further monitors the candidates to enhance their development. Workers are always eager to find out where the effort takes them in a company. Airbnb ascertains that its workers are confident about their future because it dictates their objective to remain on career pathing. The above enhances career growth among quality employees. Besides, workers become more engaged and portray development by achieving personal career objectives while meeting the company’s goals.

Ensuring the enhancement of employee well-being improves the candidate experience at Airbnb. The organization integrates both the financial and health well-being of the workers. Sustaining a healthy work-life in employees is critical because it impacts the organization and the individual (Phillips & Gully, 2012). Health professionals must participate in giving talks, conducting sessions, and running health programs in the company. The initiative mentioned above shows that a healthy workforce is sustained and functioning is fulfilled effectively. Similarly, financial well-being is crucial since workers can better handle their costs and savings. Airbnb organization can improve the employee pool by ensuring it is observant of all monetary records.

Furthermore, Airbnb performs frequent follow-ups on candidates by reviewing the tasks performed and organizing meetings. These help discover possible delays or errors in operations and counter them immediately (Phillips & Gully, 2012). Additionally, the follow-ups help establish trust among the employees and the management; on the other hand, reviewing the performance of the candidates further assists in enhancing their proficiency. Further, frequent follow-ups assist in identifying sections that have grown and those needing to be worked on with more proficiency gain. Besides, candidates’ reviews ascertain that efforts influence natural and effective transformation.

Improving Airbnb’s New Hire

Workplace diversity means that an organization accepts and includes employees from different backgrounds. A diverse workplace is critical because it appreciates every employee’s strengths and potential. Acknowledging other people’s differences ultimately brings employees together, leading to the success and thriving of an organization (Islam, 2021). There are several techniques Airbnb can employ to improve the diversity of the company’s new hires. Airbnb can use personality assessments to hire more competent and diverse individuals to enhance unique hire diversity.

In addition, Airbnb can use non-biased job postings to attract diverse people. These can be attained by creating inclusive job details and letting go of the older postings. Again, the language used in job postings can influence changes by attracting quality hires. Further, the firm can establish techniques to demonstrate workplace diversity. The non-biased is based on what the firm wants to achieve to compel a talented pool of candidates.

Moreover, the company should communicate with prospective candidates while emphasizing the diverse culture it wants to create. Besides, expanding the talent pool using structured interviews can help enhance new hire diversity for Airbnb (Islam, 2021). This strategy entails detailed candidate screening based on skills and attributes in place of predictive factors such as schools attended or years of experience. Structured interviews ensure candidates give answers to structured questions. The above enables the recruiters to consider more individuals from all the competent people the company interviewed. Afterward, an improved goal-oriented and good assessment procedure is made to improve the hiring choices’ reliability.


Islam, T. (2021). Workplace Diversity in a Canadian Context: Evaluating Moderators as a Means of Improving Organizational Performance.

Jeske, D., & Shultz, K. S. (2016). Using social media content for screening in recruitment and selection: pros and cons. Work, employment and society30(3), 535-546.

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Improving Job Candidate Experience

Improving Job Candidate Experience

Unit Learning Outcomes
Select strategic recruitment sources. (4)
Develop recruitment messages. (4)
Read Chapter 7, Exercises #4 Staffing Challenge: Improve the Job Candidate Experience at Airbnb in your textbook. Answer questions a.b.c.

This Chapter’s opening Staffing Challenge described Airbnb’s effort to improve its employer value proposition and the job candidate experience. Answer the following questions:

What metrics do you suggest Airbnb tracks to optimize its use of social media in sourcing talent?
What initiatives have been the most effective in improving the candidate experience at Airbnb? Why?
How else can Airbnb improve its new hire diversity?
Minimum length: one page per question response
Address the problem, discuss the relevance to the topic, and use outside sources as support.
Include at least two scholarly sources and professional business periodicals, e.g., Harvard Business Review and Human Resource Management.
Format: APA format, double space 12 pt font.

ISBN: 978-1-948426-86-2

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