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Importance of Organizational Learning

Importance of Organizational Learning

Organizational learning is crucial to adapt to an environment characterized by constant change. Change adaptability helps an organization address competitive pressures to survive. More than a change of strategy is required when an industry faces increasing competition. Organizations with a learning culture can learn efficiently and quickly and adapt to the changing external environment (Ferincz, 2016). Also, an organization can leverage learning to influence the external environment to its benefit (Ferincz, 2016). For instance, Apple managed to influence the smartphone market by being the first smartphone manufacturer to integrate core digital services, smartphones, internet communication, and portable music into a single device. Apple’s success in causing a paradigm shift shaping the smartphone industry to date resulted from learning.

My company, a t-shirt customization studio, falls under the fashion industry. One of the requirements in the fashion industry is for the company to have solid insights into clients’ styles and preferences. After understanding these insights, the company’s managers have ample time to address the changing client needs. Consistently, a fashion company requires artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to understand changing consumer preferences and market trends (Liang et al., 2020). For instance, embedding chatbots into the company’s shopping website will facilitate its learning process. Whenever a potential customer searches for customization types, the chatbot will prompt them to provide information about their styles and preferences. The studio will use the information to customize its products based on consumers’ needs. Also, machine learning tools will play a crucial role in designing algorithms to inform change management. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools will gather valuable consumer insights and predict clothing designs, helping the organization learn about its external environment.


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Importance of Organizational Learning

Importance of Organizational Learning

Nothing is more constant than change!! An organization’s ability to adapt to changing conditions is relational to its competitive advantage in the marketplace. The ability to create is a relational result of a culture of learning. In Chapter 33, the authors discuss Organizational Learning as an important factor in high-performing organizations.
In your discussion, provide a thorough analysis of the importance of learning as it relates to an organization’s ability to adapt to change. In the industry where your organization participates, what are the necessary components that should be present as part of the learning models?
Provide an initial response by Wednesday at 11:59 pm. Respond to a minimum of two (2) classmates’ posts Include your references in APA Format.

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