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Impact of Globalization in Dubai

Impact of Globalization in Dubai

Globalization is a cultural and social process where people from different cultural backgrounds interact. According to Cuterela (138), globalization includes making a connection between economic and social networks and relationships. Various regions worldwide have embraced globalization to boost their economic and social growth. For example, Dubai is among the countries in the Middle East that have experienced significant economic and social growth over the past decade because of globalization. The country has grown from being a small fishing village to a large country hosting various multinational companies. The country has also gained global recognition as a tourist centre and a land of opportunities for people looking for jobs.

One of the benefits that globalization has posed for Dubai is economic growth. According to El Karoui (69), Dubai has experienced economic growth since its rise as a global city. The rise in economic growth is attributed to the increase in real estate development, commerce, tourism, and finance in the country. Dubai has also embraced the concept of economic globalization, leading to rapid economic growth over the past decade. Economic globalization includes a reciprocal relationship between global rational economies that support each other in cross-border trade. Economic globalization enables Dubai to access new markets, leading to new employment and business opportunities and the implementation of Western civilization. For example, Dubai uses economic globalization to support its commerce sector by allowing various banks to open branches in the country. The finance sector in Dubai plays a vital role in the growth of businesses and the development of vital infrastructure because individuals and companies can get loans from the banks to finance their projects.

The second benefit that globalization has posed for Dubai is creating access to business and trade opportunities. Dubai has established itself as a trade and business hub because of its strategic position between Asia, Europe, and Africa. Therefore, most goods being transported to the three countries pass through Dubai, leading to access to business and trade opportunities. The country also has the best ports and airports that facilitate the movement of goods to various countries worldwide, thus attracting trade investors. The country also generates revenue through the movement of goods across its ports and airports, leading to economic growth. The revenue generated through trade is also used to maintain infrastructure in the airports and ports. The ports and airports are also a major source of employment in the country.

The third benefit that globalization has posed for Dubai is infrastructure development. Globalization created a need for infrastructure development in Dubai to facilitate the movement of people and goods within the country and to other countries such as Africa, Europe, and Asia. Infrastructure includes ports, airports, roads, and communication networks. The state-of-the-art ports and airports also make it easier for tourists visiting the country to tour the country and view various tourist attractions, leading to revenue generation and economic growth. The airports and ports also enable businesses within the country to export products and import from different countries, thus increasing foreign direct investment. On the other hand, the good communication networks in the country attract investors and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas that can be used to make investment decisions.

Although globalization has had a significant positive impact on Dubai, there are various issues that create conflict between the country and other countries. One of the main issues is the discrimination of migrant workers. 92% of the population in Dubai are foreigners (Krane,1). Expatriates in the country are restricted by residency laws that suggest that Dubai is only a place to live for expatriates and not their home (Krane 1). Migrant workers are also restricted from living in the city and are treated unequally due to institutionalized discrimination (Apstein 3). Migrant workers are also underpaid because businesses are allowed to pay workers based on their country of origin (Apstein 3). Globalization has also led to cultural change in Dubai, which could create conflict between migrants and the country’s citizens. For example, some citizens have embraced the Western culture, which contradicts Muslim culture. Westernization has slowed down religious and cultural standards in Dubai. The impact of globalization on the country’s religious standards could have a long-term impact on the citizens’ attitude toward visitors and limit their interaction with them because of the fear of being Westernized.

Another liability caused by globalization in Dubai is environmental degradation. Globalization in Dubai has led to the rise of the population in the country, leading to the construction of houses and hotels to accommodate the growing population and visitors. One of the main impacts of construction is land degradation. Land degradation is a process that impacts the biophysical environment’s value. Land degradation is mainly caused by human activities on the land. According to Dai et al. (7), construction activities deteriorate the soil’s properties in and around the construction site. Construction has also increased desertification in Dubai. Desertification is the loss of biological productivity in arid areas as a result of human activities or natural processes. Desertification in Dubai has raised concerns among leaders leading to the implementation of policies that promote land conservation.

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Impact of Globalization in Dubai

Impact of Globalization in Dubai

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