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Hypothetical Job Description

Hypothetical Job Description

Hypothetical Job Description

Sports Facility Director

Although largely unnoticeable during games, a sports director plays a significant role in ensuring that games run smoothly. Also referred to as an athletic facilities manager, the sports director will oversee the operations of the different sports complex segments. These segments will include but are not limited to football fields, basketball courts, ice rinks, golf courses, boxing rings, and swimming pools, among others. The athletic facilities managers will work behind the scenes to ensure the quality of play and that all athletes remain safe.

Overall Salary

The median salary of a sports director in the US is around $80,000; this translates to about $24 per hour. A sports director is also subjected to further benefits, including payment for extra time at around $44. The job also earns a further $25,000 annually in profit-sharing and bonuses.

Starting Salary

Beginners in the profession fall within the bottom 10% in professional ranking, earning about $49,200 per year. Compensation keeps rising as one gets more experience in the industry. For instance, sports directors who work in professional stadiums and university athletic facilities earn $ 122,000 annually. Essentially, this implies that a candidate’s salary will be based on their experience.

Main Duties

The primary duty of the director of the sports complex will be to plan and coordinate operations and schedules. A typical day may include scheduling the day’s events, budget planning, supervising inventory movement, ordering inventory, making new security arrangements, and overseeing scheduled competitions (Walker & Stotlar, 1997). Further, the facility director may play a recruitment role if the situation demands.

Skills Requirements

Overall, a sports director should be a jack of all trades. They must possess the necessary skills to innovate when necessary to ensure that the facility’s operations run smoothly. Another critical aspect of the job is public relations. Potential candidates must possess exemplary communication skills to negotiate with clients and participants. Great leadership skills are also needed. A sports facility director will manage at least ten employees on a typical day. Other important skills for the job include strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and decision-making. Also, a hands-on sports complex director is needed. One should possess management and First Aid skills.

Educational Requirements

For one to qualify for the position of a sports facility director, they only need secondary education. Nonetheless, the possession of post-secondary education offers one a competitive edge in a competitive hiring process. Some common degree programs pursued by aspiring sports facilities directors include sports management, facility management, and tuff management (Walker & Stotlar, 1997). A Master’s degree in the relevant programs will allow a candidate to access an executive management position.

Interview Questions

Can you tell us about yourself and describe your background in brief?

Here, I would like to hear great stories about a potential employee. I expect employees to not talk about their personal lives but rather weave into their professions. A discussion about their academic qualifications should follow that up.

What did you think about this vacancy?

Recruiters would like to hear whether a candidate actively sought the position, heard from a friend, or was informed by the recruiter. If people sought the opportunities themselves, they should state what attracted them to the organization. Candidates whose values align with those of the sports facility will receive bonus points.

What type of workplace environment do you prefer?

As a recruiter, one would like to hear whether the employees’ preferences align with the organizational culture. The sports complex will prefer candidates who express a mastery of collaborative and autonomous action skills.

What makes you a good sports facility director?

The question is meant to inquire whether candidates know what duties await them. It tests one’s level of understanding of managing a sports facility (Oliver, 2021). As a recruiter, I expect candidates to explain what they think makes them competent sports directors.

What brings the most satisfaction as a sports complex director?

The question tests a candidate’s passion for the job. There is a common understanding that employees who do what they love most produce the best results (Oliver, 2021). Candidates who show love for the game will receive extra points.

Explain your milestones as a sports facility manager thus far.

The goal of the question is to test whether a candidate has achieved anything in the profession yet. Awards and recognitions in relevant fields show that one is passionate about a job.

How do you manage stressful situations?

We would like to know whether an employee can sustain pressure. Managing a sports complex contains a lot of pressure, especially when dealing with players and fans. Ideal candidates must show that they can withstand intense moments and that they will not encounter a meltdown.

Do you prefer individual or teamwork?

Again, the question seeks to ensure that an employee aligns with the company’s culture. Some tasks require one to work independently, while others call for collaborative efforts (Oliver, 2021). An ideal employee should be adaptive to the demands of the different situations.

Do you maintain organization when dealing with multiple tasks?

As outlined in the job description segment, a sports facility director’s job is very demanding. Sometimes, clients may be too many, and a manager may need to work beyond the stipulated timelines. Candidates will describe instances where they stayed on track, albeit under pressure.

How much salary do you expect to earn?

Compensation for every position is budgeted for; hence, we would like to know one’s salary expectations. Knowing a candidate’s expectations will help the company ensure that expectations are consistent with the budget.


Oliver, V. (2021). 10 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them. Harvard Business Review.

Walker, M. L., & Stotlar, D. K. (1997). Sports Facility Management. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 40 Tall Pine Drive, Sudbury, MA 01776.


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This week, please generate a hypothetical job description for a vacant position at your business (Sports Complex). Then, come up with 10 questions you will ask prospective employees when you interview them for this position. Please also include a paragraph or two describing how you will evaluate the candidates’ responses. In other words, what are you looking for in your ideal candidate?

Hypothetical Job Description

Hypothetical Job Description

Reading Assignment: Chapters 10-11
Small Business Management and Entrepreur’s Guidebook
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