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Haiku and Acrostic Poems

Haiku and Acrostic Poems

About Ciudad Guayana De Venezuela

Ciudad Guayana De Venezuela, which was formerly Santo Tomé De Guayana, is an industrial port complex city located in the northeastern Bolívar state in Venezuela. Bolívar state assembly established the city in 1961 to unite Puerto Ordaz, a complex hub stretching over 67 miles. In addition, it has grown over the years to its current population of over one million people. Ciudad Guayana De Venezuela is among Venezuela’s fastest-growing cities and is known for its aluminum, diamond mining, iron, steel, and hydroelectric industries. The city boasts of the critical Angostura Bridge that links the Guiana region to the rest of Venezuela.

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Haiku Poem

Ciudad Guayana De Venezuela

This fast-growing city

It’s known for steel, iron, and energy

With so many resources here!

The Person I Admire Most

I admire different people in my life, but my mother is the one I admire most. Her name is Elenitze, and I have several reasons to admire her. First, I believe she is the most courageous woman in the world because she carried me for nine months in her womb and has taken care of me since childhood. I admire the love my mother shows the people around her because of her ever-caring nature. She inspires me to become a good person, work hard, and remain hopeful and determined in everything I do. I have learned how to fight discouragement and realize my innermost capabilities because of my mother.

Acrostic about My Mother (Word: Hope)

Hope that keeps me going without giving up

Outgoing figure that I want to emulate in my life

Pushes me to realize my hidden potential

Encourages me the need to love everyone without boundaries


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After studying the elements of poetry and different kinds of poems, the student will be able to write two paragraphs and create two original poems. (24 points)

For this assignment, you will write two paragraphs and create a haiku and an acrostic poem.

Haiku and Acrostic Poems

Haiku and Acrostic Poems

Paragraph and Poem 1: Your hometown

Write a short paragraph using correct paragraph structure (3-5 sentences) about your hometown. Indicate its location and some interesting details about it.
Write a haiku about your hometown (3 lines with a 5,7,5 syllables pattern)
Example of Haiku

Flashing in the sun

Sleek gray creature of the sea

Waiting to be caught.

Flash / ing / in / the / sun (5 syllables)

Sleek / gray / crea / ture / of / the / sea (7 syllables)

Wait / ing / to / be / caught. (5 syllables)

Paragraph and Poem 2: Someone you love or admire

Write a short paragraph using correct paragraph structure (3-5 sentences) about a person you admire.
Write your acrostic poem about this person using his or her name vertically. Include his or her qualities and your feelings towards this person.
Example of Acrostic (Word: Love)

L ink between two living creatures

O utstanding emotion

V ividly felt in the heart

E verlasting is our love

Submit your work in a Word file. Include your name and the name of your professor on the assignment. Complete your work using font Times New Roman 12.
my hometown is Ciudad Guayana de venezuela, PLEASE DOCUMENT YOURSELF ABOUT IT.
The person I admire the most is my mother, her name is ELENITZE

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