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Global Marketing Factors

Global Marketing Factors

Direct selling or personal selling is when an organization utilizes salespersons to create an association with their customers and establish their wants and needs to achieve more sales. Personal selling can play an essential role in strengthening the value of a company and enhancing demand for specific products. Personal selling can be modified to fit into the Brazilian market by considering various levels of customer attraction. Notably, local consumers prefer to interact with the sales agent and have their questions answered through a demonstration of the use of products (Hampson et al., 2018). Even though most customers in Brazil prefer personal interaction with the sales agent, it should be modified through digital innovation to ensure the sales agent can reach many consumers using digital platforms. For example, personal selling agents should create digital applications through which they communicate with Brazilians, taking into account their manner of conversation and preferred means of payment.

The Brazilian market is characterized by different risks and ethical issues influencing marketing activities. The country is still a developing nation with a lot of bureaucracy, export and import barriers, and high levels of corruption. As a result, the government has set stern regulations to prevent unwanted behaviours such as corruption. However, corruption is an ethical issue that is concerned with morality. While undertaking marketing activities in the country, it is an ethical consideration that the company should engage in any corrupt activities or even associate itself with firms mentioned in corrupt dealings, as this may ruin its reputation and drive down sales.

Further, marketing activities should take cultural and social considerations into account. One consideration is etiquette, whereby Brazilian business etiquette differs from American business because of cultures that are unlike each other. Americans do not emphasize creating personal relationships with sales representatives, unlike in Brazil, where this is common (Barry & Graca, 2019). Thus, there is a need to consider creating a personal relationship between sales agents and the audience while conducting marketing activities in Brazil.


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This assignment aims to identify factors that must be considered when conducting global marketing campaigns.

For this assignment, imagine you work for a U.S.-based organization that sells household appliances and is considering opening stores internationally, starting with Brazil. You have been tasked with providing your recommendations for the expansion into Brazil. In 250-500 words, address the following:

Global Marketing Factors

Global Marketing Factors

Discuss how you would modify the personal selling approach based on the Brazilian target market. Provide an example of the specific changes you would make and justify the changes.
Identify ethical and regulatory issues that should be considered when marketing in Brazil.
Identify cultural and social considerations you should consider as part of your marketing planning efforts. Explain how these factors make the marketing presented to the Brazilian audience different from what is given to U.S. consumers.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines in the APA Style guide in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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