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General and Nutritional Essay

General and Nutritional Essay

Relevance of My Previous Profession in the Field of Nutrition

My previous professional experiences have prepared me well for a course in nutrition. I like to engage in volunteer work, and one of the responsibilities offered to me was the work of a health coach assistant. We would go to various rural places and interact with clients from low-income families who suffered from poor nutrition and had high rates of diseases, such as diabetes and heart diseases. One of the activities to help the community lead a healthier life was sports; community members were encouraged to join various sports clubs. Together with the health coach manager, we helped design individual health goals for the community members, assessed their current health conditions, offered counseling services, established an individualized treatment plan, and conducted behavioral health screenings: we would perform at least two rounds in one place, which enabled us to track the people’s progress in these communities.

Even though my work was majorly to help the manager perform some basic tasks as I did not exactly know about nutrition, this position helped me find interest in a career in nutrition. I knew then that I wanted to help individuals lead a better and healthier lifestyle and help prevent lifestyle diseases since I learned the intimate link between diet, health, and diseases. I am also enthusiastic about fitness and wellness, and at my current workplace, I help lead these programs and mobilize my coworkers to take part in them to help them become more health-conscious. For instance, most individuals lead a sedentary lifestyle in the IT department, and I purpose to help employees move more. So far, I have successfully mobilized resources to promote such programs as team building and evening sports at the workplace. Consequently, more staff members have become more conscious about their health, particularly when it comes to what they eat. With these experiences, I believe that I have been better prepared to pursue a career in nutrition.

My Short and Long-Term Professional Goals as Related To the Field of Nutrition

My short-term goals are as follows: Firstly, in about three months, I hope to learn what the field of nutrition truly entails. Secondly, in six months, I would like to be able to write up my own diet plan so as to meet my weight, nutritional and health goals. Within this period, I also plan to monitor my progress and be able to make the appropriate dietary and general lifestyle changes where necessary. My long-term goals are as follows: In a span of one year, I plan to have extensive knowledge of nutrition and better grasp the link between diet, disease, and health. Since I am passionate about working with young children, I hope to kick-start my career in a pediatrics facility in a span of three years. Within this period, I should be able to supply menus, help in meal planning, and make recipes. In three years, I should be able to provide nutrition counseling regarding health and disease and develop, implement, and manage nutrition care systems. I should also be able to help maintain appropriate quality standards for food and nutrition in the residential care facilities. In seven years, I should be able to run my own organization linked with the provision of nutritional advice and services to various clients, with a key focus on low-income places. In ten years, I propose to influence policies related to health and nutrition and be able to offer expertise on how to lessen such lifestyle diseases as obesity and diabetes. Since childhood obesity has been skyrocketing in the US and various other countries, I aim to use my profession as a nutritionist to mobilize individuals on the need to lead a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing diet and physical exercise.

Nutrition Topics that Motivate Me to Pursue a Graduate Study

The major topics in nutrition that motivate me to pursue graduate study in this program are childhood obesity, health, disease and wellness, malnutrition, and breastfeeding. I believe that for the first time in the world, obesity has become a global concern. Obesity, particularly childhood obesity, has risen at an alarming rate. Children are leading a sedentary lifestyle more than ever, and parents are not that much concerned with what their children eat. Fast foods are very convenient for busy parents, and eating out almost on a daily basis has become a family tradition, replacing meal preparation at home. Such factors have played a key role in heightening obesity rates in the US as well as the rest of the world. Individuals consume a lot of processed foods, foods with high contents, such as salt and sugar.

Additionally, there is a strong link between individuals’ diet and their health and wellness, as well as diseases. Through this course, I will be able to gain a deeper understanding of this link. Lastly, I am enthusiastic about malnutrition, especially among children, and breastfeeding. Malnutrition is common in low-income places and has resulted in high mortality and morbidity rates among children. Breastfeeding is a sensitive topic, particularly in the current generation, where most working mothers prefer other alternatives that are believed to be equally nutritious. Accordingly, I want to expand my knowledge on this issue and be able to make an informed judgment on the use of breastmilk or other alternatives.

Significance of an Online Program

An online program is highly ideal for me for various reasons. To begin with, I have quite a tight schedule as I strive to juggle work with school and a family, which can be energy-draining. With an online program, I will be able to strike a good balance as these programs tend to be more flexible. I will be able to schedule time for my online classes more easily, hence managing my time better. Furthermore, since I will not need to worry about transportation services, this program will help me save some money. I am aware that discipline and self-motivation are important for online classes. Nonetheless, this will not be a problem because I am very passionate about the course, and I am a highly disciplined person. I have also been training myself to prioritize tasks, which has helped me become better at managing my time and completing tasks.

For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to work from home, which required a lot of discipline, trying to avoid any distractions when the time for work came. I believe that I can extend this level of discipline to my education. Furthermore, working in the IT department has boosted my computer literacy skills, and therefore, it will be easier for me to manage an online class. I also own a computer that I can use for my classes, and I can also easily access any materials that will help with my studies.


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1. Describe how your previous educational and/or professional experience(s) have prepared you for graduate studies, particularly in the field of nutrition. (250-350 words)

General and Nutritional Essay

General and Nutritional Essay

2. Describe your short and long-term professional goals as related to the field of nutrition. (250-350 words)

3. What specific topics in nutrition motivate you to pursue graduate study in this program? (250-350 words)

4. Why is an online program the right fit for you? In answering this question, please address time management, self-motivation, access to technology and computer literacy. (250-350 words)

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