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Final Project Fact Pattern in-depth Understanding of the Human Resource Changes that have taken place at Netflix.

Final Project Fact Pattern in-depth Understanding of the Human Resource Changes that have taken place at Netflix.

Hello Karen,

This is a great post. Your discussion post offers an in-depth understanding of the human resource changes that have taken place at Netflix. As you correctly stated, your case involved Netflix, its founder Reed Hastings, and Patty MacCord. The human resource changes at the company were triggered following the transition into a subscription-based DVD through mail movie renting (Sadq, 2013). The company had to change its human resource composition. Following the 9/11 attacks and the bubble in 2001, the company had to lay off some employees (Netflix, n.d.).

One of the reasons that contributed to the layoffs was the realization that most of its employees were ineffective (Netflix, n.d.). Also, the company wanted to change tact and hire the best-fit right from the recruitment stage. You also went ahead and indicated the outcomes that have resulted from HR policy changes, including the hiring of fully-formed employees and the provision of employee feedback. Your discussion gives sufficient insight into the Netflix HR cultural revolution case. Great job!


Netflix. (n.d.). The Woman Behind the Netflix Culture Doc.

Sadiq, Z. M. (2013). Analysing Netflix’s Strategy. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)–Режим доступа:

 Response 2

Hello Leday,

Great work. Your post provides a factual pattern concerning the HR changes at Netflix. As you correctly put it, the changes involved employees, managers, and the organization’s top executives. The changes include encouraging autonomous decision-making among employees, encouraging information sharing, and retaining only the most effective employees (Netflix, 2023). One reason behind the desire to make HR changes is to encourage performance excellence and innovation (Netflix, 2023).

By introducing autonomous decision-making, the company’s top executives wanted to encourage a creative culture (Slocum et al., 2014). As you rightly stated, improving the workforce at Netflix required a feedback system and a two-way street communication framework. An effective feedback system would help managers communicate performance issues in real time. On the other hand, a two-way street communication framework would allow employees to recommend performance initiatives. As you indicated, embracing open communication and a context-based structure rather than control at Netflix will encourage employee unity.


Netflix. (2023). Netflix Culture — Seeking Excellence. Netflix;

Slocum, J., Lei, D., & Buller, P. (2014). Executing business strategies through human resource management practices. Organizational Dynamics43(2), 73-87.


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For this discussion post, define the fact pattern in the Netflix case study, which you read about in the following Module One resources:

Library Article: How Netflix Reinvented HR
Article: The Woman Behind the Netflix Culture Doc
Website: Netflix Culture – Seeking Excellence
This information will be a key part of your final project for this course. According to the Legal Dictionary, a fact pattern is “a concise description of all the occurrences or circumstances of a particular case, without any discussion of their consequences under the law.”

Final Project Fact Pattern in-depth Understanding of the Human Resource Changes that have taken place at Netflix.

Final Project Fact Pattern in-depth Understanding of the Human Resource Changes that have taken place at Netflix.

In other words, it provides the basic information—who, what, when, where, and why (which we will call the 5W approach):

Who: The individuals and organizations involved in the issue
What: The issue at hand. What variables have created the situation that needs resolution, and what facts regarding the individuals involved and the organization can be codified as factual statements?
When: The timetable as to when the issue began and the approximate timeframe in which it must be settled. If not definitively known, provide an estimate of the duration.
Where: The geographic location, department, or division in which the problem exists.
Why: The drivers that created the situation need resolution.
How: The ways in which the organizational culture may directly and/or indirectly impact the negotiation in an interpersonal or organizational conflict situation.
Post your five Ws in your initial post, then comment on at least two of your peers’ posts. Review their posts to ensure their negotiation fact pattern is as comprehensive as possible and has fully captured all known facts of the case study.

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