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Enhancing HR Development at The King Company-A Process-Oriented Approach

Enhancing HR Development at The King Company-A Process-Oriented Approach


Organizational change is an integral part of organizational development. Various changes in an organization’s environment, such as increased competition, labor market changes, and a decrease in the performance of an organization, prompt organizations to review the areas that need to be improved (Pentland & Goh, 2021). One of the most essential things in planning for organizational change is need assessment, which helps organizations identify gaps between their present condition and expected results. The anticipated results are classified based on their priority and consequences versus the wants to ensure that there is a successful outcome of the proposed change (Packard, 2021). Organizations may also conduct a decision audit that gives stakeholders data to enable them to understand the organization’s needs better, prioritize their decision strategy, and understand how their decisions could potentially affect the performance of the business. In the King Company Case, it is evident that the company requires a change in HRD policies, procedures, and practices because the current ones are not followed while others are not properly formulated. This has resulted in poor financial performance due to reduced sales and diminished profits. Therefore, the company is considering the adoption of new HRD policies, practices, and procedures to address these problems. The proposed strategies include reducing staff and containing costs. My responsibility as an HR consultant, in this case, is to design a process for the King Company to analyze the changes needed in their HRD procedures, policies, and practices to improve employee development.

Process for the King Company to analyze what changes are needed in their HRD procedures, policies, and practices to improve the development of employees

I would begin by assessing the current workforce in the company to identify their abilities, skills, and knowledge. I would then share my findings with the manager, Karmen Scholl, to assess the workforce’s strengths and weaknesses and justify the need for employee training and development. This would help ensure that the company provides all the necessary resources needed for the change and enhance the success of the change implementation process (Sauser & Cloutier, 2012). After completing the workforce assessment, I would then conduct a job analysis to address the problem of labor oversupply, as identified by Charles Madison. I would conduct the job analysis through an audit of the current human resources in the company to determine specific job descriptions, duties and responsibilities of the employees, and the performance of all employees. Garg (2018) argues that an effective audit should determine the specification of methods, contents, and relationships of the jobs in the company. It should also focus on finding out how the job duties and descriptions create the satisfaction of organizational needs (Bieliaieva, 2019). I will then initiate the training of employees to equip them with the skills and capabilities they need to complete the duties and responsibilities assigned to them. I will monitor every aspect of the training process to ensure that no employee misses out on the training.

Effective monitoring is vital because the current training program is failing due to malpractices being promoted by those in charge of the training process. For instance, the accounting supervisor, Amy Songun, mentions that some employees are receiving tuition reimbursement despite top management’s directive to stop this practice. Lawson (2006) argues that monitoring the training process will also help determine whether the training program is effective based on newly acquired knowledge and capabilities.

The final process would include changing how things are done by creating a daily report worksheet that employees should fill out indicating the work they have completed daily. This will effectively minimize carelessness as some employees are currently not keen on their work. For instance, Meg Folkner, the CAD Design supervisor, stated that Tonia Putt’s medical paperwork was erroneously filled as a termination. Filling a work report would, therefore, enhance employee accountability and reduce such mistakes. I would also ensure that the company’s policies and procedures are outlined in the employee handbook. All employees would then be required to read the handbook and complete a test evaluating their understanding of the handbook’s most important policies, procedures, and rules. This final process would include collaborating with top management to decide on the disciplinary actions to take if an employee provides the wrong information in their work report and fails to read the employee handbook. Appropriate disciplinary measures would be employee suspension or termination based on the magnitude of their malpractice.


The success of every organization is dependent on high performance. Employees play a significant role in improving organizational performance; hence organizations need to ensure that employees are well managed. Changes in HRD policies, procedures, and practices are used to achieve the required conduct of employees. In the case of the King Company, the changes are focused on enhancing the productivity of employees by ensuring that they are equipped with the right skills and capabilities and matching existing skills and abilities with the current roles and responsibilities in the organization. There is also a need to involve management in the change process to ensure that the resources required for the change are provided. The involvement is also necessary to prevent resistance to change by initiating various disciplinary and reward strategies.


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Module 3 – Case
Assignment Overview
Signature Assignment: Body of Knowledge, Introduced Level

In this assignment, your body of knowledge will be assessed at the “introduced” level. The first criterion, “Assignment Driven” in the rubric, will be useful for this purpose. Then, in HRM599, knowledge will be further assessed at the “emphasized” level.

Enhancing HR Development at The King Company-A Process-Oriented Approach

Enhancing HR Development at The King Company-A Process-Oriented Approach

Case Assignment
Read The King Company Background and Human Resource Development to review information on the company.

Address the following questions in an essay format, which includes an introduction and conclusion (not a Q&A format):

As an HR consultant, design a process for the King Company to analyze what changes are needed in their HRD procedures, policies, and practices to improve the development of employees. Discuss the process you would follow and why you selected those process steps.
Be sure to bring in what you have learned from your change management, internal consulting, and organizational development readings.
Provide private-sector employer examples of HRM programs, systems, processes, and/or procedures as you address the assignment requirements. Provide names of the employers in your examples. Use examples of different employers in this course than those previously used in your other papers and courses.

Utilize information from at least 2 sources from the Trident Online Library to help strengthen and validate your discussion.

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