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Email Scenario Response – Annual Summer Picnic Review

Email Scenario Response – Annual Summer Picnic Review



Subject: Annual Summer Picnic Review

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to inform you that we held the annual summer picnic as planned. The annual summer picnic was a success based on the feedback I received from employees. I am also pleased to inform you that all employees provided feedback and are eager to attend other similar events in the future because they feel that such events will help them strengthen teamwork and understand one another better. I am also pleased to inform you that all employees were well-behaved throughout the picnic and were willing to work together to complete various tasks, such as setting up the picnic site and distributing food and drinks to everyone who attended the event. However, there was an issue of gender balance because most of the employees who attended the picnic were male.

Although the event met the goal of strengthening teamwork among employees, it did not meet the operational goals. To begin with, one of the goals was to ensure that 80% of employees attended the event. This goal was not met because most employees were reluctant to attend the event due to the prevalence of Covid-19. While some stated that they willingly opted not to attend the event due to COVID-19 concerns, some stated that their spouses advised them not to attend the event to avoid risking the lives of their families due to the prevalence of COVID-19. The opinion of all employees was respected because, according to Nader (2018), team-building programs are only effective if employees participate willingly. The turnout was, however, fair because 60% of the employees were present.

The second goal, which was to keep the event’s cost under $10,000, was also not met because the food prices were higher than expected, probably due to the high number of people holding picnic events. I would therefore recommend introducing incentives for employees who attend such programs to increase the turnout next year and conducting a survey to determine the prices of food and drinks before creating a budget. According to Dickson (2010) and Macky & Wilson (2013), incentives motivate employees to attend events organized by their employer because they view incentives as an employee’s way of thanking them for sacrificing their time.

Warm regards,


Dickson, D. (2010). Fostering employee engagement: Practical tools and best practice techniques. Human Resource Development.

Macky, K., & Wilson, M. (2013). Rewards, remuneration, and performance: A strategic approach. CCH New Zealand.

Nader, S. (2018). Social team building as a practice of corporate values to achieve engagement. Strategic Employee Communication, 155-167.


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Email Scenario Response - Annual Summer Picnic Review

Email Scenario Response – Annual Summer Picnic Review


 Effective and efficient communication is important in any organization. For this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and with sensitivity and tact.


  • Review Readings and
  • Choose one of the following scenarios below:
    • Congratulations! Your supervisor has asked you to lead your Organization’s Activities Committee. As Committee Leader, your first task is to plan the upcoming annual summer picnic for all employees and their families. Write an email to the Activities Committee team to begin the planning process and ensure the event is going to be a success. Make up the details needed.
  • You just held the summer picnic event in Scenario 1. Overall, it was a success, and the informal feedback you received from employees was very positive. However, you did not meet the CEO’s goals for the event, which were for 80% of employees to attend the event while keeping the cost under $10,000. Write an email to the CEO to recap the event and its goals. Make up the details needed.


  • Use email format with a subject
  • Write in a professional tone with a concise style and
  • Include relevant, substantive

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