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Elements of Poetry

Elements of Poetry


Symbolism and Allegory

Symbolism is a literary device representing a specific item, whereas an allegory is a narrative that can be deduced to reveal a concealed meaning. Allegories usually focus on human virtues or vices and express a life lesson or moral message.


The tone is the attitude exhibited by a poet towards the audience. Tone can be friendly, formal, or optimistic based on figurative language, choice of words, punctuation, and sentence structure.


Diction is the phrasing, vocabulary, and grammar considered inappropriate or appropriate to poetry at a specific time. Diction helps poets convey their feelings in the poem and enables readers to determine the mood or tone of the poem.


Syntax is the order of words in a poem. A poet may use inverted syntax to emphasize certain verbs or objects in a sentence to break up sentence structures, introduce humor, focus the reader’s attention on a specific object, and maintain rhyme.


Imagery is a vivid description that appeals to an audience’s imagination and senses. The main classifications of imagery in poetry include kinesthetic, visual, tactile, auditory, organic, olfactory, and gustatory imagery (Paudel, 2022). Visual imagery focuses on a reader’s sight. Auditory imagery targets specific sounds. Gustatory targets a reader’s taste. Olfactory imagery targets a particular scent. Kinesthetic imagery appeals to the action or movement of objects. Tactile imagery focuses on touch. Organic imagery focuses on a specific emotion or feeling.


Structure is the arrangement of the elements of the poem to express or emphasize ideas and emotions. Poems may have a formal or informal structure based on the poet’s meter and rhythm.


Rhythm is the flow of ideas in a poem based on the selected stressed and unstressed syllables, resulting in the falling and rising of the poet’s tone.


Paudel, Y. R. (2022). Imagery in poetry: An assessment of poems in compulsory English course of class eleven in Nepal. Kaumodaki: Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 96–109.


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Elements of Poetry

Elements of Poetry

Create your concept map following these steps.

Select one of the following four topics discussed in this course as your main topic:
(Major Literary Genres, Elements of the Short Story, Elements of Poetry, or Elements of Drama).

Create a concept map containing seven (7) circles or boxes in a hierarchical structure containing your main topic and its key concepts.

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