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Ehud Type

Ehud type

Response to Classmate


I have read your post with some level of nostalgia. Indeed it’s been great having you as a classmate. You mentioned that the illness had discouraged you from pursuing your goal as a president or heading a management team, it should not be so, and I am glad you changed your mind eventually. I would like to remind you of two great people in the Bible. The first was Naaman, the commander of the Syrian army. He was a great warrior, but he had leprosy. In those days, leprosy was an abomination, but Naaman did not consider it a hindrance to advancing his military career. During his career, he got a Jewish slave girl who eventually led him to meet Elisha, the prophet. Naaman got healed by the word of Elisha and continued to be great. Let Naaman be an encouragement to you, and nothing should stop you from being great.

The second person that comes to mind is Ehud, the left-handed soldier who killed the king of the Moabites. At that time, Israel was under the rule of Moab, and it took Ehud’s skills with his left hand to kill King Eglon and bring peace to Israel. There is a third type of MBA holder, the Ehud-left-handed type, which you can also be. The Ehud type is one who has the MBA, polishes in one particular area of strength, such as a project running with an organization, and from that point of strength, steers a team to success without having to be the team leader. While you are working on becoming a president, look for that one particular trait you have, polish on it, and use it to bring change.

God bless you,


The Gideons International in the British Isles. (2012). The Holy Bible: New International Version.  Lutterworth, England.


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Check-in #5

I need help responding to a classmate’s response to the discussion topic. Thank you

Ehud Type

Ehud Type

Classmate’s Post

Check-in #5

I have spent more than three years to reach out to today’s situation. Originally, I expected obtaining MBA to make me have more chance to be a president of a company or to join the management team of my current company. Thanks to the last two courses, I have understood that I do not need to give up the vision, however, I do not know if I can be a president or a management team member, especially after getting disease and losing the position of Branch manager. On the other hand, I am a strong believer that nothing is coincident. “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). Everything which I face is what God gives me to enjoy, be delighted, and overcome for my growth to contribute to others such as family, friends, colleagues, and people around me. All I should do is to surrender myself to what I face, see, hear, and feel. I am sure that an answer will follow my efforts and actions. Based on this, I am comfortable to continue to target to be a president or a management team member. I do not care if I am talented to be that. Most important thing is to keep own dream and never give up.

As all may not know but MBA holder is not popular in Japan even today. Nowadays, the population is getting larger, however, typical and general workers in Japan do not see any value in MBA holder. Rather, some people say that MBA holders are not useful to work with since they are too much theoretical with less practical outcomes. Sometimes, that can be true. When I worked in the US, there were two types of MBA holders – one is very excellent with theoretical and practical thinking and led others and resulted in great outcomes, and the other is not good and just showed that he/she is an MBA holder by putting the title on the business card. What I target should be the former one.

What will I do from now on? Honestly speaking, I do not remember what I wrote in my reports until today during the courses. Very unfortunately, my laptop PC was broken 6 months ago, then all the memories disappeared. A service company gave me quote to fix the PC with 2000 USD, but I did not ask him to do. Instead, I made a decision to continue to study and learn. I will continue to read many books and newspapers to obtain historical and new information. Whenever I read, I will have critical questions to the contents in my mind so that I believe I can maximize what I learned through the MBA program such as Leadership, Economics, Accounting, Legal, HR and so on. In my workplace, I will proactively join meetings and activities and listen to what people essentially say and propose practical ideas to develop plans and/or solve issues. My target is to make people around me say that Masaki Mono has excellently grown as an MBA holder.

When someone asks me a question “what did you learn through the MBA program”, my simple answer is that I learned how to be a great leader to contribute to others and world with my own leadership style.

All of you are my excellent classmates. We have shared fun, happy, tough and valuable time together. This is also not coincident. Let’s keep moving forward to the bright future together.

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