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Distinguishing Between Fake and Legitimate News from Online Sites

Distinguishing Between Fake and Legitimate News from Online Sites

Distinguishing Between Fake and Legitimate News from Online Sites

MYTH: The COVID-19 vaccine will use microchip surveillance technology created by Bill Gates-funded research.

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With more than 66% of the world’s population owning a smartphone or smart device, if any government wanted to track or spy on their citizens, this would be the easiest way. Why create such an elaborate way to inject people with a microchip when we walk around with one and are constantly surrounded by them daily? But surprisingly, 20% of Americans believe this conspiracy. Playing devil’s advocate, I can see why these people may be inclined to believe it. The last respiratory pandemic the country faced was Influenza, also known as the Spanish Flu of 1918, and it took decades of research for scientists to understand the virus well enough to create a vaccine. So many ask, How was this vaccine made within a year? There must be a catch to do. Most of the present population wasn’t alive during that time; when we encounter something new and unexplainable, it’s more accessible for some to believe in these conspiracy theories that offer straightforward explanations and point to someone to blame. So considering that this pandemic was planned to vaccinate everyone with microchips, it makes it less scary and gives people a person(s) to direct their anger to. While it’s true that the Gates Foundation was funding research efforts into an “ink-like

injection” under their skin that will help store patients’ vaccination records doesn’t change the reality that “there is no evidence that Bill Gates or his foundation has created technology to track recipients of a COVID vaccine.” (Gregory, 2021) To get accurate Covid vaccine information, you should contact your information from credible sites such as the CDC and WHO website

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We get a lot of information from online sites, including our news. “Fake news” is a common term these days. It has been used in political campaigns, during a pandemic, and in other contexts. How do we know that what we are reading online is legitimate? This article from discusses myths about COVID-19 vaccines that have spread online. Please choose one of the myths or another fake news story you have seen and share why a reader might be tempted to believe it. In your response, address each of the questions below:

Distinguishing Between Fake and Legitimate News from Online Sites

Distinguishing Between Fake and Legitimate News from Online Sites

  1. What seems natural to you?
  2. Is there fact and fiction mixed in together to convince the skeptical reader?
  3. Where would you find information to validate the claims made in your chosen example?

For online evaluation information, refer to the Guidance for Evaluation page in Unit 3 or use this LibGuide: Is My Source Credible? In addition, check out this interesting article about a method you can use to determine if online information appears credible.

Please answer the prompts in complete sentences.

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