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Discussion – Sustainability Initiatives

Discussion – Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainable development refers to responsible development initiatives that meet the present goals without compromising the future. It has been the goal of many businesses to maintain sustainable measures of production and conduct business for the protection of human resources. A majority of businesses have been unable to achieve that, but Natura, the Body Shop, and Aesop have been doing relatively well in that area (Hill & Hult, 2019). These companies have maintained sustainable practices, such as banning the testing of cosmetic products in animals to protect natural resources.

While the initiatives implemented by Natura, the Body Shop, and Aesop have a positive impact, some ethical dilemmas might arise from their practices. It is the role of these companies to maximize shareholder value. This role is also an ethical responsibility. However, the pursuit of sustainability can sometimes be costly for organizations. Many companies face the dilemma of maximizing shareholder value versus engaging in sustainable practices (Schaltegger, Hansen, & Lüdeke-Freund, 2016). Nonetheless, the right decision to make in such a case is choosing sustainability. Based on the utilitarian theory of ethics, this option optimizes utility for people in the world. This theory asserts that the decision with the most utility to a majority of people is the moral decision.

Consumers in the U.S. should care about corporate sustainability issues. The actions of companies today have a great impact on the environment, the communities, and the world’s resources as a whole. Caring about corporate sustainability is an action towards the protection of the world. It is important that people promote the kind of development that protects the world from harm. Future generations should be able to use the resources that people today have.


Hill, C., & Hult, T., (2019). Global Business Today Asia-Pacific Perspective. McGraw-Hill Education.

Schaltegger, S., Hansen, E. G., & Lüdeke-Freund, F. (2016). Business models for sustainability: Origins, present research, and future avenues.


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Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives

Read the “Sustainability Initiatives at Natura, the Bodyshop, and Aesop” case study on page 122 of your textbook. Given the readings in the course thus far, answer the following questions.

Does this case raise any ethical dilemmas?
Should consumers in the United States care about corporate sustainability issues?
Support your position with one additional resource from either globalEDGE or the Capella Library.

You must use proper APA references and in-text citations to identify the textbook and your additional resources.

Response Guidelines
Respond to at least two other learners. When responding, act as a manager who is seeking new ways to maintain ethical business practices.

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