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Discussion Responses

Discussion Responses

Sample Answer 

Discussion Responses

Assessment of the Medication Management System

Response to Classmate 1

The recommended approach to a medication management system is to use an electronic system for safe implementation (Agrawal, 2009). Once a prescription is made and printed to glue on the bottle, it should be clear, legible, and written in plain English. Most abbreviations should be eliminated, such as qod, qid, and qd. (Every other day, four times daily, and daily respectively). Also, drug name abbreviations should be eliminated, such as MSO4 for morphine sulfate (Sinha et al., 2011). Non-English characters ought not to be included in a prescription such as µ. When prescriptions are written in plain English, a patient is able to read and notice any errors (Mohan et al., 2013). Further, the prescription should include the duration of therapy, for example, rather than using the abbreviation pm to mean ‘as needed,’ the entire indication should be included in plain English as well. Additional instructions should be given to patients with complex prescriptions or visual impairment who may find it difficult to read labels on medication bottles (McCann et al., 2012).

For pharmacists and healthcare specialists, an electronic medication management system is an effective tool to ensure minimal errors are made when writing prescriptions (Menachemi & Collum, 2011). The prescribing physician uses the system to enter the drug dosage information along with the diagnosis of the patient’s illness. The pharmacist is able to access the information from the system and follow instructions as per the entry made by the physician. If any clarification is needed on perhaps the dosage or availability of the drugs, the pharmacist and physician can communicate via the system so that it becomes easier to follow the decision pattern with regard to the final drugs prescribed to the patient (Callen et al., 2010). If a patient reacts adversely or shows no improvement, the drugs can be changed, and these changes will also be reflected in the system (Schiff & Bates, 2010). This makes it easier for any person interested or involved in the treatment plan of the patient to follow up on the progression of the treatment via the system.


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Response to Classmate 2 

The concept of healthcare quality is not univocal or simple but rather polyvalent and complex. The lack of quality in services has a serious impact on the healthcare system and society and manifests itself in several ways, including ineffective services that do not meet the expected results; services that are inefficient with high costs; inaccessible services socially, culturally, economically, and geographically which are reflected in long waiting lists and healthcare professional and user dissatisfaction (Batalden et al., 2016). Some of the factors that contribute to such a scenario are the formation of professionals of low quality that are inadequate for material, financial, and human resource management, lack of programs for professional development, and inadequate working conditions (Mosadeghrad, 2014).

A healthcare organization is only as good as its personnel. Recruiting personnel that are qualified for their job positions is the first step to ensuring that patient needs will be met with professionalism. As you have stated, it is important that HR ensures all staff that is employed within a facility have the necessary credentialing certificates before signing the employment contract. However, this is not the final step; HR should ensure that the staffs that are continually employed at a healthcare facility improve their skills and expertise. To be a truly accredited hospital, the staff needs to reflect the values and ethics the facility upholds. McDonald and Smith (2013) argue that the only way to ensure that the employees are working in line with the organization’s objectives of remaining accredited is for the HR to follow up on their professional development through training and related programs


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Discussion Responses 

RE: Session 3 Meeting the Standards-Medication Management

Classmate 1 Response

Hi. Delivering quality healthcare means doing the right thing for the right patient, at the right time, in the right way, to achieve the best possible results (Whedon et al., 2016). Leadership means seeing and taking opportunities to make a difference and stems from core values, authenticity, courage, perseverance,  vision, mission, enthusiasm, focus, awareness, service, integrity, and faith. (Oxford University Press, 2005).

Discussion Responses

Discussion Responses

Using collected data, the department or workgroup prioritizes opportunities for improvement based on quality and patient safety processes and systems, outcomes, impact on service, and cost (Miles & Vallish, 2010). What is the recommended approach for assessing the medication management system?


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Classmate 2 response

Committee: Leadership

The Element of Performance: HR.01.02.07 Pages SAG-8 through SAG-9

The Standard: The hospital determines how the staff functions within the organization (JCR, 2013).

Circled D – Documentation is required

All staff that provides patient care treatment and services must possess a current license, certificate, or registration, in accordance with law and regulations. The standards and elements of performance in the “Human Resources” (HR) address the hospital’s responsibility to establish and verify staff qualifications, orient staff and provide staff with the training they need to support the care, treatment, and services the hospital provides (JCR, 2018).

It is also stipulated that When law or regulation requires care providers to be currently licensed, certified, registered to practice their professions, the hospital thus verifies these credentials with the primary source and document the verification when a provider is hired, and when the credentials are renewed (JCR, 2013). Following the above requirements, the committee will educate the staff on the need for verification and documentation of their credentials. All staff will be required to submit their certificates and licenses to the Human Resource department. The HR will either verify the credentials directly or mandate a third party agency to very on behalf of the organization. Documentations will be made upon submission, renewal, and verification of the credentials.

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15, NIV). Just as the hospital is required to prove to the Joint Commission and the public that it has what it takes to carry out its day to day business of patient care so also are the staff. The staff must also prove that they have the required credentials and expertise to do their jobs. One way this is done is by submitting their current and valid certificates and licenses to the HR department.


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