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Discussion – Recruitment Strategies and Sources

Discussion – Recruitment Strategies and Sources

Developing Interest

I am a rather skeptical person when doing any business with companies I have never heard of before. Nonetheless, I may consider it if an organization communicates effectively regarding who they are, what they do, and how they do it without being evasive. In addition, I am keen on the clarity of the firm’s mission statement and if there are references to the company’s values and code of ethics (Phillips & Gully, 2012). Additionally, I would consider third-party recommendations, awards, and recognitions the company has gained since they offer a good idea of how well the organization has made a name for itself (Ahmed & Ahmed, 2019). Further, I must read the company’s reputation and how applicants and workers are treated. The most effective technique a recruiter could employ to pique my interest in their organization is to discuss their growth. If the business is a startup, I would like to hear about its planned growth and its visions to be in five years. If the organization is well-established but unknown, I would love to know why and what they intend to do about the situation.

Recruitment Sources

As a recruiter, I would recommend that Annika use social media to recruit. Various social media tools are an excellent way of broadcasting a company’s name and its purpose to the world while building an intimate followers community. Most social media platforms allow recruiters to create professional profiles free of charge. In addition, social media is a rich source of prospective job candidates (Koch, Gerber, & De Klerk, 2018). Another recruitment source I would recommend is employee referrals. Annika Apron’s current employees are an excellent resource for potential applicants. In most cases, employees know an old qualified colleague or friend looking for a new job.


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Discussion - Recruitment Strategies and Sources

Discussion – Recruitment Strategies and Sources

Unit Learning Outcomes
Select strategic recruitment sources. (4)
Develop recruitment messages. (4)
Answer BOTH of the discussion questions and respond to at least 2 peers. Include at least 2 outside sources in your postings for full credit.

Discussion Questions
What could a recruiter do to interest you in applying for a company you have never heard of before? What tactics/information would persuade you to apply?

As a recruiter for a small organization, Annika’s aprons, you need to expand your recruitment efforts beyond your website and word of mouth. Which recruitment sources would you recommend for Annika to recruit for her 2 shops? Use justification for your choices.

Please include 2, 1 paragraph responses related to the topic.
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