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Discussion – Argument Essay Approaches

Discussion – Argument Essay Approaches

Argument essays present a position on a given topic (Bullock et al. 156). As I approach my argument essay, my biggest challenges include considering my tone and audience while establishing my position and establishing compelling arguments that will aid in convincing readers of my argument. While establishing an argument, these two approaches are significant in establishing a position, and I will have to overcome these challenges consistently.

I can employ various strategies to overcome these challenges. First, I can use the class resources to improve my writing by using the tips provided to aid in establishing and strengthening my argument. Consequently, I will be able to use the right tone and consider my audience while establishing a compelling argument using reliable sources. Second, I will use my classmates’ and instructor’s feedback to strengthen my argument essay by considering my tone and arguments. Additionally, I will overcome my challenge of tone and audience by using clear language while writing and making my essay interesting for the readers. Further, I will use reliable sources to establish my compelling argument.

In crafting an argument, one philosopher inspires me; Stephen Toulmin. Stephen Toulmin created a model of an argument that pertains to three fundamentals, including; the claim, grounds, and warrant (Gabriel et al. 79). In an argument, the claim is the thesis stipulating the argument, the grounds is the evidence that supports the claim, and the warrants link the claims to the grounds of an argument. Accordingly, this approach to an argument will help establish one’s position in an argument. In my case, I will use Toulmin’s argument model to stipulate my thesis and support my argument by presenting my grounds to support my claims, thereby presenting my warrants which will establish the link between my grounds and claims.

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Discussion - Argument Essay Approaches

Discussion – Argument Essay Approaches

Post a 150-300 word analysis that responds to at least one of the following:
Identify what your biggest challenges are as you approach your argument essay.
You may want to think more generally about academic argument, writing, etc., or more specifically about your research topic.
Explain how the class resources, your classmates, your instructor, or your own actions can help you overcome each challenge you identify.
Identify which of the readings, videos, or other resources from this module you have found most useful. Explain your response.
Describe your typical approach to confrontation or crafting arguments and explain how your background will help or hinder you as you work on your essay in this unit.
Identify what will be important for you to keep in mind.
Identify the techniques you admire and/or would like to emulate.
Identify who inspires you when you are crafting an argument.
Some people draw on the ideas of theorists such as Carl Rogers or Peter Elbow, philosophers like Aristotle or Stephen Toulmin, or even politicians, editorialists, scientists, creative writers, or others.
Be specific when mentioning your inspirations.
Optional: Post a link to your favorite argument, explain why you are drawn to it, and offer at least one way it can serve as a model for your argument essays.

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