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Dialogue Between a Player and his Coach

Dialogue Between a Player and his Coach

“Your performance in today’s game was unacceptable. You did not follow any of the guidelines I provided in the training,” John stated.

“I am sorry, coach. I have been going through a lot lately, and I let my personal issues affect today’s performance in the pitch,” Andrew replied.

“But we had a conversation with you yesterday, and you assured me you were ready for today’s game. I also explained to you that today’s game would determine whether you will get the scholarship to join one of the best colleges in this state. Why would you ruin your only chance of getting a scholarship to join one of the best colleges in the state?” John asked.

“The past few months have not been easy for me—“Andrew replied.

“Feel free to talk to me. Maybe there is something I can do to assist you”, John replied.

“Honestly, I do not know if there is something you can do to help because most of the issues affecting my performance in the game are linked to what I have been experiencing at home. My mother and father recently got separated, and my father gained full custody. I have to relocate to another state to live with my father because of the terms of the full custody agreement, so I do not have to continue seeking the scholarship because I will be leaving the state in the next three weeks.” Andrew replied.

“Have you talked to your father about the scholarship?” John asked.

“There is no point talking to him about it because he has already decided that we are leaving the state,” Andrew replied.

“Should I talk to your father about the scholarship on your behalf?” John asked.

“I do not have a problem with that, but I need to talk to him first and inform him that you need to have a conversation with him. However, I will not inform him about the scholarship because he will not agree to talk to you if he knew you wanted to talk about it,” Andrew stated.

“I totally understand. Please give me his number so that I can talk to him and plan the meeting,” John replied.

“Alright. Here is his business card. I will be looking forward to your feedback before next week because we will be leaving the state in three weeks,” Andrew replied.

“No problem. I will keep you updated,” John replied.

“Thank you,” Andrew replied.


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Dialogue Between a Player and his Coach

Dialogue Between a Player and his Coach

Choose a pair of characters below and create dialogue to show action. You should write around a half page to a full page. Be creative.

  1. Officer and speeder
  2. Psychiatrist and patient
  3. Waiter/waitress and diner
  4. Man on a ledge and psychologist
  5. Principal and student
  6. Hairdresser/barber and client
  7. Teacher and parent
  8. Little sis and big sis
  9. Driving instructor and student driver
  10. Deejay and phone-in listener
  11. Reporter and accident witness priest and confessor
  12. Cheerleader and nerd
  13. Girl and boy on a blind date
  14. Dogcatcher and dog owner
  15. Player and coach
  16. Two late-night grocery shoppers
  17. Girl’s date and little brother or sister
  18. Flight attendant and passenger
  19. Angel and devil on the character’s shoulder

Note: This is not written in play format; this is true dialogue, which means you must follow the dialogue rules.

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