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Developing Visualizations for Your Story

Developing Visualizations for Your Story

January February March April
Guava bar 2667.6 4013.1 4836 6087.9
Boldo Tea 544 600 140 440
Empanada 1768.41 1978 4412.32 1656
Queso Fresco 3182.4 4683.5 9579.5 3060
Carne Assada 1500 1406.25 7100 4987.5
Chocolade 25127.36 12806.1 7312.12 3952.5

The data from the Excel file was used to create the visualization above. Totals of each of the products above for each month were used in creating the visualization. Notably, taking the sum of each product for each month makes it easier to express the visualization than attempting to visualize individual transactions. Thus, I have identified that visualization helps summarize the performance of all six items. For instance, it is clear from the visualization that Chocolate had the highest performance in January and February, while Boldo Tea had the lowest performance across the four months. Further, the visualization shows that the Guava bar had a stable performance in the four months compared to others, indicating irregular fluctuations across the four months.

The graphic visualization used above is a 4-D line curve. Each line in the curve represents a month, and the difference in color makes it easier to observe the difference across the four months. The selection of the curve is influenced by the need to clearly observe the difference between the six items in the four months under analysis. However, this visualization should be modified based on different audiences. An audience with visual issues such as short-sightedness would require bigger visualization (Midway, 2020). Thus, I will modify the visual tools to pie charts. However, this means each month will have a separate pie chart for observation. Further, the visualization can be modified from one chart to another, such as from the current 4-D lines to bar graphs for individuals preferring them.


Midway, S. R. (2020). Principles of effective data visualization. Patterns1(9), 100141.


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In this discussion, you will take on the role of a new restaurant owner who has been checking on sales since the opening of your establishment in January. You have just downloaded the following sales data from your financial software: Module Four Discussion Sales Data Spreadsheet. It includes sales by food item for each month you have been in business. You would like to create visualizations that illustrate which items are selling well and how the business is doing month by month.

In your initial post, make sure to include the visualizations you created and address the following:
• What have you been able to identify through the visual representation of the data?
• What kind of graphic have you selected and why?
• How would this visualization need to be changed based on your audience?

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