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Dating Profile

Dating Profile

Hello Jack,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. So I came up with a summary of what you need to know about online dating. First, the best website that I would recommend is EliteSingles, because it is made for smart, professional single people like you who are looking for love. Secondly, use your space well. When filling out your details, do not write too much, as that can wear out someone who goes through multiple profiles per day. Instead, keep it sweet and short. Notably, some details are crucial, like your zodiac sign, hobbies, and work. Third, avoid clichés, such as, “I like to travel”. Rather be more specific, like how often you travel in a year, where you traveled last, and perhaps where you intend to go next.

Next, stay grounded in reality. For instance, do not write that you like to work out while you do not. This can get you ghosted when a potential date meets you and you are not what they thought you were. In addition, try to update your profile from time to time. For instance, you could update on a current show you are watching, which can be a conversation starter with someone watching the same. For example, you could write, “currently watching House of Dragon, any crazy theories?” In addition, before posting, make sure you spell-check your profile. This is because details matter, and seeming as if you don’t know how to write can be off-putting.

Lastly, here are the don’ts. Firstly, do not list things you prefer, like personality and body type. This can often come off as exclusionary and overly negative. Next, do not upload a naked profile picture. Those are mostly for hookups; that is not what you are looking for. Instead, go for a nice casual picture, perhaps a photo of you hanging out somewhere. Further, a picture gives an idea of what you look like, for instance, your hair color, race, eye color, height, and body build, among others. Finally, I would not recommend uploading your email or phone number until you actually decide to go on a date with someone. The initial chats could all be done on the dating site before you exchange personal information. That is all for now. I hope it is helpful. Good luck, and let me know if there is anything else I can do.


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Dating Profile

Dating Profile

A friend of yours wants to write a personal ad on a website for romantic dating. You have experience with this and you are going to tell him what he should and should not say in his profile.
Write a message in 14-16 sentences. Include:
The name of the personal ad website that you recommend. Affirmative mandates that describe in detail what your friend should write. A physical description of your friend. Your friend’s hobbies. Your friend’s activities. And other original things, such as the type of car your friend has or your friend’s zodiac sign. Your friend’s email address, cell phone number.
Negative things that your friend should not write in the ad.

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