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Daily Water Intake

Daily Water Intake

Usually, I take around eight to nine 8-ounce glasses of water daily, totaling 72 ounces of water daily. My current body weight is 167.55 pounds.

  • Body weight = 167.55 pounds
  • 55 ÷ 2 = 83.775
    • Therefore, my recommended daily water intake is 83.775 ounces.

Adults should consume a total of 1.8 liters of water every 24 hours (Armstrong & Johnson, 2018). However, this may vary based on health status, gender, physical activity, weather and climate, and overall human biology (Wutich et al., 2020).

I usually take an average of three 12-ounce cups of brewed coffee in a day. This translates to a total of 36 ounces of coffee daily. Based on my current coffee consumption and the fact that coffee has a diuretic effect on the body (Barghouthy et al., 2021), my total daily water intake should be 36 ounces of coffee taken daily plus the recommended daily water intake of 83.775 ounces. Do you need help with your assignment ? Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.

  • 36 + 83.775 = 119.775.
  • Therefore, 119.775 ounces of water daily

To attain 119.775 ounces from the recommended 83.775 ounces over the next month, my water intake plan will include gradually increasing the amount consumed daily by 10 ounces. In my first week, I will aim to reach 93.775 ounces of water daily. The extra eight ounces will be added subsequently for weeks two and three, then maintain the total daily intake of week three throughout week four. For example, for week two, the total will be 93.775 (week 1 daily intake) + 10 ounces, averaging 103.775 daily ounces of water. For week three, the total daily intake will be 123.775 ounces, which will be maintained throughout week four. This increase in the daily intake is tiny and manageable and will help avoid any discomfort. I will also spice the water by adding lemon slices. This adds taste to the water and improves intake (Dreher, 2022).

From researching various internet sources, I have found ways to decrease caffeine in my life. This ways include gradually reducing caffeine intake to allow my systems to adjust. I can also switch to decaf coffee because it contains less caffeine. Lastly, I have also discovered that I can reduce caffeine by becoming more active, like joining the gym, as it will keep me energized and have fewer cravings for caffeine.


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Unit 6 Assignment: Water Intake
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Daily Water Intake

Daily Water Intake

Without proper hydration (from water), our bodies are incapable of performing their daily tasks. For this assignment, you will analyze your daily water intake.
See the attached document for complete instructions and grading rubric. Submit your completed assignment using the submission link.

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