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Critical Analysis of an Artwork

Critical Analysis of an Artwork

Prompt A

An infinite person is an individual who never limits other people’s freedom of expression. They think critically and carefully look at every side of a matter before making any judgments. An infinite person willingly changes their mind or decision if need be due to new information coming to light (Janaro et al., p 12). They have incredible influence or political power. They can reach great extends that cannot be reached but just an average influential person. Rigid prejudices do not dictate them. An infinite person has studied humanities because they expand one’s knowledge and capacity to understand themselves and other people. They do not commit any crime to humanity and are unselfish.

A famous person in our society who fits the description of an infinite person is Barrack Obama. He is among the presidents of America who never judged people for who they were. He is in a position of influential power even after his term. He condemns any form of crimes done against humanity or American citizens. Barrack Obama is open-minded and has never limited people in their freedom to express themselves. I think I am an infinite person because I never decide without thinking critically about the matter. I’m never biased and always get my facts straight before making a decision. I am an open-minded person and can always consider my decision if any new information or fact is brought to light about a matter.

Prompt B

A piece of art that I love and consider to be well done is the movie Notebook. It is a Romantic drama film done between 2002 and 2003 and later produced in 2004. It was written based on a novel entitled Notebook in 1996 by Nicholas Sparks. Jan Sardi and Jeremy Leven wrote the movie. It is beautiful because it shows the beauty of love and gives hope that people who have not yet found love can also find it and enjoy its beauty. It shows how we can still find love even in unexpected situations and how we can get it back even after losing it.  Love is a necessity for every human being. We cannot live without love; hence The Notebook is a film of all time. The artwork creates empathy when Allie’s parents disapprove of her relationship with Noah though they loved each other (Cassavetes et al., p 3). They make her leave abruptly without saying goodbye to Noah after the awful breakup. Noah writes to his love for a year, but Allie’s mother intercepts the letters and does not reach Allie. The novel and film notebook is based on a true love story. It was inspired by the relationship between the grandparents of Nicholas’s Sparks ex-wife. The grandparents of Cathy Sparks were married for over sixty years. Nicholas Sparks was inspired by the love between the pair and how they treated each other after sixty years of marriage. They were treating each other how he treated his wife after twelve hours of marriage. It inspired him that true love can last forever, and he decided to share it with the world.

The purpose of this movie is to show the beauty of love. It shows the enduring power and tenderness of love. It makes one believe that whatever is theirs is theirs, and even if it leaves, it will come back to them no matter what. The film encourages people not to give up on the people they love (Octaviani et al., p 57).  It teaches that life as a whole is not perfect, but it’s a series of perfect moments put together. Disagreements and arguments between people are common since no one is perfect, but the relationship will continue to grow with love. The Notebook Love Story was set in the era of pre and post-World war II. Noah and Allie spent the summer break together and had beautiful memories.  The differences in the socio-economic status of their families prevent their love from blooming. Noah’s letters go unanswered, and he goes to fight in the World War while trying to get meaningful employment. He returns home and restores his farmhouse after serving his country. Allie knows about Noah’s endeavours through a newspaper and leaves the man she was engaged to so that she can be with Noah. Fourteen years had passed since they reunited.

Notebook film is a masterpiece. It has won several awards; Satellite Award, MTV Movie Award, and Teen Choice award. It is a masterpiece because it has filmed and talked about something that every human being needs and craves each day. The lessons learned from the film are inspiring and long-lasting and hence can be appreciated by all categories of people in society. Nicholas Sparks the novelist of the Notebook will be remembered as a giant of art because he has not written just this novel but many others, including non-fiction books. His novel has been published in more than fifty different languages and more than one hundred billion copies. He is one of the New York Times bestseller novelists. Jan Sardi, the scriptwriter of the film Notebook, will not be considered a giant of art. He has made a minimal advancement in the art and film industry. Jeremy Leven, the co-scriptwriter, will be remembered as a Giant in arts because he has made significant advancements in his art career.

Work Cited

Cassavetes, Nick, and Mark Johnson. The notebook. New Line Cinema, 2004.

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This assignment has two parts; please place both essays in one file. Arrange your thoughts in paragraph form, unless the directions of a particular module assignment are different. Ensure that your essays are grammatically and mechanically sound. Do not use excess verbiage such as “I think,” or “in my opinion.” Submit your assignment first through Grammarly before you submit it. If you use an outside source, use proper MLA form to document your source. Double-space your writings and use a 12 – 14 font. Save your essays in a file and submit that file in the appropriate assignment folder.

Critical Analysis of an Artwork

Critical Analysis of an Artwork

REQUIREMENTS: Research is required. Students must include in-text citations and a list of references according to MLA or APA style format. Students are required to use research to support claims and statements to give credibility to them letting me know what you have learned from the textbook readings and other credible resources.

Prompt A:
What does it mean to be an “infinite” person? Describe either someone you know personally or a famous person in our culture who seems to fit that label. Are YOU an “infinite” person? If so, how? If not, why not? Please write between 2 – 4 paragraphs.

Prompt B:
Complete the following critical analysis in essay form with in-text citations and a list of references:

1. Name either (choose only one) a contemporary painting, sculpture, movie, or live performance and its author that you feel is a good piece of work.
2. Describe the aesthetic qualities of this artwork as to why it is pleasing to you or beautiful to you.
3. How does this work create empathy for you? Explain.
4. What is the purpose or intent of this work? Indicate research here. Do not guess.
5. What is the “context” of this work? Indicate research here. Let me know what you are learning.
6. Do you think this work of art will someday be considered a masterpiece? Why or why not?
7. Will the author of this artwork be considered a “giant” of the arts? Why or why not?

There is a Rubric associated with this assignment. It can be found under the Progress drop-down menu under Rubrics. Page count should be more than 250 words and less than 650 words (2 – 5 pages).

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