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Competitive Advantage – Intel Corp and Andy Grove

Competitive Advantage – Intel Corp and Andy Grove

A competitive advantage is what makes a company stand out from its competitors. To build this advantage, an effective strategic management process is necessary. A business needs to formulate the right kinds of strategies that will enable it to determine that thing that will attract its customers in place of the competitors (David & David, 2016). Through the leadership of Andy Grove, Intel Corp used strategic management practices to stand out.

The issue that Intel faced was the increasing competition that was affecting the performance of its chips in the market. The leaders before Andy Grove were not well prepared for this competition. They did not foresee a future where another business would beat them in a game that they had created. Thus, they failed to implement a flexible strategy that would help them adjust to market changes to maintain or build a competitive advantage. However, Andy Grove brought in a different model of strategic management. He was an agent of change. He decided that it was time for Intel to develop a new product that would make it stand out again. He killed Intel, the memory company, and launched the microprocessor that would give the company a rise back to its competitive advantage (Tedlow, 2016).

The leadership of Andy Grove at Intel demonstrates how effective, real-time planning can enable the success of a business in a competitive market. He had the ability to evaluate the situation in the market and implement changes that would help the company be successful in spite of the market conditions. His flexibility is certainly a learning point for other business looking to develop their competitive advantage.


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Competitive Advantage - Intel Corp and Andy Grove

Competitive Advantage – Intel Corp and Andy Grove

In its article, “The Education of Andy Grove,” Fortune magazine discusses the leadership characteristics of the CEO of Intel and how those characteristics translate into success for the company. Intel has managed to grow, adapt to, and force change in an industry where upstarts usually overrun existing companies by doing things better and cheaper.
After reading this article, discuss what you learned about how Intel formulated, implemented, and/or achieved competitive advantage through strategic management. In your post, describe your view of the issues involved, including speed, flexibility, real-time planning, and courage, based on Fortune’s article about Andy Grove.
Your initial posting should be approximately 250 words.

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