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Charting My Path Forward- A Development Agenda for the Future

Charting My Path Forward- A Development Agenda for the Future

Personal development plays a significant role in a person’s growth and career advancement. Some of the factors that are considered when planning for personal development include skills and competencies. Acquiring new skills and competencies creates the foundation for a person’s personal development by enabling a person to leverage career opportunities that require utilizing the skills and competencies. Personal development also requires creating relational networks and interacting with people to learn new things and identify growth opportunities. This report summarizes my development agenda, including the skills and competencies I wish to acquire and improve, the relational networks I aim to develop and enhance, and the work and life opportunities I wish to pursue.

Skills and Competencies

The lessons I have learned during the course and the feedback I have received suggest that I have good communication skills, teamwork skills, and the ability to generate ideas. I wish to improve my communication skills, especially verbal communication so that I can clearly express my ideas at my workplace and maintain a good relationship with my colleagues. I will also improve my written communication by focusing on the feedback I have received throughout this course and requesting the people who read my reports at the workplace to give their feedback on the quality of the reports and improvement areas. I also wish to enhance my teamwork skills by learning how to interact with people from different backgrounds. I will also improve my teamwork skills by volunteering to be a team member in community projects and learning about conflict management styles to effectively handle conflicts that arise among the team members. I will also improve my ability to generate new ideas by being open to other people’s ideas and brainstorming with my friends and colleagues when completing tasks in my workplace. I will use the brainstorming session to acquire emotional intelligence.

Relational Networks

Relational networks are essential in career and personal development. Therefore, I will focus on enhancing relational networks that improve my social and career life. One of the relational networks that I aim to enhance is the network I have developed with my colleagues. I aim to improve how I relate with my colleagues by encouraging them to share ideas on career development and how I can improve my efficiency at the workplace. I will also encourage my colleagues to give me feedback about my performance so that I can identify areas for improvement in personal development. The second network that I will enhance is my former classmates. I will focus on maintaining communication with my former classmates, especially those who are in my career field so that I can identify career growth opportunities and stay updated on the changes within my career. I will also improve how I relate with staff in my current position at work so that they can guide me on how to complete tasks that may be challenging to me and advise me on the areas that I need to improve.

Work and Life Opportunities

Personal development requires maintaining a balance between work and life. Therefore, I will seek work and life opportunities that can help me acquire new skills and competencies and create a productive social circle. One of the work opportunities I wish to pursue is a managerial position at my current workplace or another multinational company. I will look for managerial positions on the Internet and send my application to as many international companies as possible so that I can increase my chances of getting the job. The second work opportunity that I will pursue is working in a foreign country. I intend to look for job opportunities in a foreign country so that I can get more exposure and learn new things from people from diverse backgrounds to become more productive in a diverse work environment. The main life opportunity that I will pursue is traveling to different destinations across the world. I will also pursue education opportunities by looking for scholarship programs offered in different institutions and online courses that cover my career field. I will also sign up for training programs in our company to enhance my knowledge, skills, and competencies in my field.


In conclusion, personal development is among the most important things in a person’s life because it supports their growth and development. One of the things that a person can consider when developing their personal development plan is their current skills and competencies and the skills and competencies they wish to acquire. For instance, my current skills and competencies include good communication and teamwork skills and the ability to generate new ideas. Therefore, I will focus on improving these skills and competencies to achieve personal development. My personal development plan also includes enhancing relational networks and pursuing life and work opportunities. The key relational networks that I aim to develop include my relationships with my colleagues, staff in my current position, and former classmates in my career field. The key life and work opportunities that I will pursue, on the other hand, include traveling, a managerial position, education opportunities, and working in a foreign country.


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Managing Organizations Praxis Paper
Part 3: Future Vision and Development Agenda (3-4 pages)
For the final section, draw on the lessons you’ve learned and feedback you’ve received throughout the semester to outline a vision for your future. Create a development agenda detailing the following:

Charting My Path Forward- A Development Agenda for the Future

Charting My Path Forward- A Development Agenda for the Future

• Skills and competencies you wish to acquire or improve
• Relational networks you aim to develop or enhance
• Work and life opportunities you wish to pursue

feedback: I am a good communicator and supporter, and I generate ideas

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