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Case Analysis Process

Case Analysis Process

My Experience with This Week’s Case Study Analysis Process

The analysis process of this week’s case study yielded mixed reactions for me. At first, I was impressed that British Petroleum valued the lives of its workers and put the proper measures to create a safe work environment. However, I was disappointed that the company did not take appropriate steps to protect the environment. For example, the company did not focus on efforts to prevent oil spills that could negatively impact the environment, particularly sea animals.

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Learnings about the Case Analysis Process That Might Benefit Others in the Class

One of the things that I have learned about the case analysis process is that one should focus on the main areas summarized in the conclusion section to identify the most important things discussed in the case study. I realized that the case study was long, thus making it hard to distinguish between the key points and additional information without an idea of the specific information a person is looking for. Therefore, I began by reading the bolded sections and the conclusion to identify the main areas I should focus on. The other thing I learned is that it is vital to take note of the most important points as one reads through the case study to avoid missing out on important information.

The Main Issues in This Week’s Case

In my opinion, the main issue in this week’s case study is putting profits first at the expense of environmental and personal safety. According to Ingersoll et al. (2012), the Baker Report indicated that British Petroleum had cut back on safety measures and maintenance at the plant to reduce costs. Therefore, employees were exposed to safety risks, and the poorly maintained equipment increased the risk of oil spillage that would affect the environment.

Possible Solutions

A possible solution is introducing government regulations that require companies such as British Petroleum to meet specific minimum safety standards and equipment quality and maintenance. The government should regularly send inspectors to review the safety of the work environment and equipment and provide a report on improvement areas.


Ingersoll, C., Locke, R., & Reavis, C. (2012). BP and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster of 2010. MIT Sloan School of Management.


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The case studies adopted in this course highlight the decision-making process in a business setting that will require you to conduct a thorough analysis of each case. You will be required to address the following areas in depth, using the “Ashford University Writing Center Guidelines for Writing a Case Study Analysis” provided in the course materials area.

Case Analysis ProcessCase Analysis Process

Case Analysis Process

Identify the key problems in the case
Why do they exist?
How do the problems impact the organization?
Who is responsible for the problems?
What is the best solution for the problems?
We will use our weekly discussions to explore your experience with the case analysis process to ensure it is working well for you and to garner both peer and instructor support for your Capstone project.

For this discussion, make an initial post that addresses the following questions:

Briefly describe your experience with this week’s case study analysis process.

What have you learned about the case analysis process that might be of benefit to others in the class?
Please discuss what you think is the main issues in this week’s case.
Briefly identify possible solutions. Please be specific.

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