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Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis Marketing

Video Summary

The Cannabis Marketing Panel (2017) video delves into the subject of cannabis marketing. Speakers give an account of personal and professional experiences that influenced them to support cannabis marketing. The first speaker gives a personal experience of how cannabis helped him cope with injuries after his football career. The former footballer and current marketing expert gives a negative account of opioids and how they negatively affect one’s health. He recommends cannabis for former military service members with PTSD and epileptic children. Cannabis has also greatly relieved terminally ill patients, including cancer patients. Despite the many benefits the speakers attribute to cannabis, they all agree that responsible marketing is needed to communicate the right message to audiences, particularly in the social media era.

Personal Opinion Regarding the Subject

In the face of increased marijuana legalization across many US states, the debate on marijuana marketing is inevitable. Different entities use social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram to promote marijuana products. Although Instagram does not allow direct paid marketing for marijuana, some cannabis businesses can navigate and interact with social media users through posts. It is difficult to put age-related restrictions on any online activity, especially marijuana products. If a government prevents established firms from marketing, fraudulent marketers will get the chance to spread the wrong message. It would be wise to allow established firms to put across scientifically approved information instead of putting an audience at risk of misinformation.

Young people are constantly on the web, hence being at the highest risk of misinformation. The youth use the internet to search for cannabis products more than the older generation, yet they do not purchase their cannabis from official avenues availed post-legalization. This emphasizes the need to promote legitimate marketers to protect the younger generation. In the future, social media networks should consider allowing direct marketing by branding organizations based on their legitimacy.

As marijuana marketing takes shape, brands should focus on changing the public’s perception of marijuana products. The stigma around marijuana may have been spread by a group of individuals protecting the interests of the opioid industry. To that end, marketing messages should focus on reversing the negative stigma that has been cemented over time. One way that can be done is by capturing real-life testimonies or scenes of individuals caught up with opioid addiction. Even from the video, the former footballer gives an account of how he struggled with opioid hangovers and would sometimes wake up at 3 a.m. with serious withdrawals. Also, marketing messages should emphasize the health benefits of marijuana for people who have failed to access treatment in mainstream healthcare. In a nutshell, eradicating the stigma around marijuana must be countered with positive messaging about the product.

In summary, there is a need for society to accept that marijuana has medical benefits. Marketers should focus on reversing the stigma around marijuana use. That does not mean that marketers are invited to encourage marijuana use. Rather, they should convey that the product may only be consumed on medical grounds. Social media networks also ought to live to the reality that marijuana is increasingly being normalized and allow established marketers to market on their platforms. Enhanced restrictions on marketing may expose marijuana users to purchasing the product from unauthorized dealers selling marijuana that may not be fit for consumption.

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After viewing the short presentation given on the cannabis industry, you may have mixed emotions about the controversial plant. We have all grown up with a stigma, either positive or negative, of the effects of marijuana. In 2022, stigmas still exist, but a new education and movement are changing the minds of millions worldwide.

Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis Marketing

Possible Format: (Choose 1 or combine all).

 In a short response, please indicate your opinion (+ or -) of this up-and-coming industry. Please include in your response “who should” or possibly “shouldn’t” be paying attention to the movement.

Or, indicate your findings, either negative or positive, to the sophistication and thought process of either one of the marijuana representatives seen in the video.

If you agree with the message that marijuana is the next best thing, please indicate the direction of the movement and the steps to success you may find interesting.

If you disagree with the message, please indicate why the movement’s approach is irrelevant or ignorant to the war on drugs.

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