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Boat Framework

Boat Framework

The Need for a Clear Approach to Analyzing and Designing a Complex Field

A clear approach is necessary when designing and analyzing a complex field, for it paves the way for generating solutions within a system by involving numerous tasks in an analysis. Therefore, it primarily aids in determining a project’s objectives and scope, classifying a situation, and comprehensively analyzing an issue. Finally, it enables a global investigation of the area in question by providing essential and needed data and information for elements of a system to be executed (Özbozkurt, 2019).

Scope Determination

This is a project planning section that entails decision-making and recording the list of detailed project deliverables, objectives, deadlines, tasks, functions, and costs. It primarily determines all that should be accomplished and the project’s duration (Grefen, 2015).

Scenario classification

In e-business, this is planning a new scenario or the beginning of an existing situation. It entails three steps: the determination of scope, the classification of design regarding parties, and the classification concerning the applied objects (Grefen, 2015).

Global analysis/ design

This design deliberately creates something while considering the purpose/objective, economics, sociocultural factors, aesthetics, and functions. Therefore, a global analysis is an approach and framework of a specification for constructing an object or implementing tasks and the outcome of the plan or description in the form of a process, product, or prototype (Saura et al., 2019).

Dependency analysis

This task management strategy describes the dependencies between activities and the time impact in implementing activities. It occurs when the result of an activity impacts how different events are executed (Pop & Gîfu, 2022).

Leading aspect selection

In e-business, this is the primary role of the management process. While influence is to inspire workers, accomplishing organizational objectives is leading (Grefen, 2015).

Detailed analysis

This is an in-depth examination of anything intricate to understand its nature or determine its vital elements. It is achievable through thorough investigation and careful exploration of the issue (Özbozkurt, 2019).


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Boat Framework

Boat Framework

Explain why a clear approach for analyzing and designing is required to deal with a complex field. Discuss the aspects of scope determination, scenario classification, global analysis/design, dependency analysis, leading aspect selection, and detailed analysis/design.

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