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Black Death

Black Death

What was the impact of the Black Death on the arts in fourteenth-century Europe?

The Black Death is one of the worst pandemics in human history. Between 75 and 200 million people died during the plague (Platt, 2014). This plague left the world with much despair and sadness and greatly influenced art from the late 14th to 17th Century. There was a direct connection between the plague and religion. Most people interpreted the plague as punishment from God (Meiss, 1978). The fear of hell and respect for God increased significantly. This influenced the artists, forcing a lot of religious-inspired art.

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The Black Death reinforced realism in art. Most of the art developed in this period reflected the religious climate of the time. For instance, various medieval art from the Black Death depicts a woman surrounded by men and children, signifying an angel and human beings seeking salvation for the sins that were taking place on earth (Meiss, 1978). Portraits and sculptures that reflect the idea of death were also very popular in this period. The concept of “omnia vanitas,” tran”lating to “all”is vanity,” was “he mood then. “any art based on this concept reflected death as the future (Medrano-Cabral, n.d.). They encouraged people to live a positive life because they were all approaching death, which would determine whether they would go to heaven or hell. Black Death also influenced artistic buildings, especially those of wealthy men. Homeowners developed structures aiming at protecting themselves from the plague. Therefore, many systems designed at this time tend to have fortification elements.

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The Black Death Impact on 14th-century Art in Europe

What was the impact of the Black Death on the skills in fourteenth-century Europe?

Black Death

Black Death

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