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Biblical Perspective

Biblical Perspective

Biblical Perspective 

The origins of man are as diverse and unrealistic as they come. Every theory needs to explain the unexplainable, which leaves the only logical reason being the presence of a higher being that initiated life on earth. One theory suggests that the first life molecules probably met on clay, as Graham Smith, an organic chemist from Scotland, proposed. The clay surfaces concentrated the molecules together into organic compounds and helped organize them into patterns similar to man’s genetic DNA. The clay mineral crystals may have arranged the organic molecules into patterns, and later, the organic molecules arranged themselves (Cairns-Smith, 2008).

Another theory suggests that 3 billion years ago, ice-covered ocean bodies under which were fragile organic compounds. The ice protected the organic compounds from the ultraviolet rays of the sun as well as from being destroyed by cosmic impacts. The molecules had a considerably long time to react with each other and even survived longer under cold temperatures (Egel et al., 2013). Lastly, the deep-sea vent is another theory suggesting that life commenced in submarine hydrothermal vents. These vents spewed molecules rich in hydrogen. The molecules were concentrated in the rocky nooks and allowed for critical reactions through mineral catalysts (Takai & Nakamura, 2011).

Some aspects of these theories can be accepted; the one by Graham is close to the creation theory, where God molded man from clay. However, the clay theory fails to explain how the first molecules came into being in the first place. The second theory is also plausible to the extent that organic molecules could have been preserved under ice over the years, and as the sun became hotter, the organisms multiplied into bigger life forms. However, as with the clay theory, it fails to explain how the organic compounds came into existence in the first place. Finally, while deep-sea vents still sustain ecosystems and are rich in thermal and chemical energy, it would be expected that more life would spring forth from the same to this day, which is not the case. In conclusion, the Graham theory of life emerging from clay could be pursued and reverted to the creation theory in the Bible.


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Biblical Perspective Discussion Topic

Discussion Prompt: Searching for the Truth

Theory building is a basic part of research and is a tool researchers use to try to parse out what is truth in our world. Here is an example of a type of research about which many have investigated and formed theories – the origins of the world. Secular scholars vainly search for answers that leave God out of the picture. Scientific research has verified that you cannot make something from nothing (not to mention that this is common sense). No secular scientist would disagree with that.

Biblical Perspective 

Biblical Perspective

However, secular origin and evolution theories generally begin at a “primordial slime” from which an amoeba crawled that turned into hundreds of thousands of different animals, plants and eventually even humans. The Big Bang Theory I can actually understand. That is, from the vantage point of heaven if you could be looking over God’s shoulder when He created the earth in Genesis 1:1, it might have looked like a big bang (whether or not there was sound is a different argument) .

But if there is no God, no creative force, what constituted and was the impetus for the “bang”? Where did that sea of primordial sludge come from, let alone a living amoeba? Nothing? That takes so much faith, and when really examined sounds so foolish. We do not need to search very deep to find answers about the origins of the world, or the God who created it, because…what may be known about God is plain to [us], because God has made it plain to [us]. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities — his eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made…. Romans 1:19-20 (NIV)

Because secular scientists dismiss God and divine origins, they are forced to create theories because it seems that we humans innately wonder about where we came from and where the earth and the galaxy came from (which in and of itself is evidence of a kind). Discuss some of these origin theories and how they have become so widely accepted in the world today. How do theories come about? How do we know what theories to accept and build upon?

Reading and Assignments

Luke 16:10 (NIV) – “Whoever can be trusted with very little can be trusted with much….”

Please complete the following before the class session:


Greener, S., & Martelli, J. (2018). An introduction to business research methods (3rd ed.).

(eBook available at

  • 1 (pp 9-24) – Research problems and questions and how they relate to debates in research methods
  • 12 (pp 152-163) – Reporting research results

Kosinski, M., Stillwell, D., & Graepel, T. (2013). Private traits and attributes are predictable from digital records of human behavior. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences110(15). Retrieved from

While a basic math and statistics proficiency is important, your skills at applying those tools in the greater context of research to help you make solid business decisions is what we are striving for in this course.

For the reading assignment, Greener, S., & Martelli, J. (2018). An introduction to business research methods (3rd ed.). (eBook available at

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