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Becoming Deviant

Becoming Deviant

There are various types of social control. Firstly, there is direct and indirect control. Primary groups exercise the former, such as peer groups and family, who either condemn or praise an individual’s behavior; in contrast, secondary groups exercise the latter, such as customs and traditions (Blau, 2017). Another is negative or positive means in the form of punishment, criticism and shame, prizes, praise, and respect, respectively. Then there is the formal and informal control, where formal is designed by an authority, like how the government makes the law to control order.

In contrast, informal control happens to be unwritten regulations. Constructive and exploitative means are another form of social control through social and education reform and intimidation or threats. Finally, there is Real and Artificial control. The individual imposes the latter on himself without any societal force, and the former is enforced by society, and individuals are forced to follow those rules or risk being punished. Formal social control is more compelling because the authority designs it, and everyone must follow the law lest they go to jail.

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The theory of the Y chromosomes states that criminals possess an additional Y chromosome that creates a stronger compulsion to commit acts of crime. Since this underlying cause is biological, it cannot be treated.

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Blau, P. (2017). Exchange and power in social life. Routledge.


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Becoming Deviant

Please respond to the following:

Becoming Deviant

Becoming Deviant

In your readings, you have explored the topics of social controls and the underlying causes of deviance.

  • Examine the types of social controls and analyze one social control which you believe is more compelling regarding sanctioning behaviors. Then explore the underlying cause of biology and inherited behavior and determine whether either of these underlying causes can be treated and corrected to allow an individual to align their thinking with the majority. Provide support for your response.

Include at least two outside sources for your post using APA OR SWS format, in-text citations, and a reference list.

MUST use APA format or SWS, which requires in-text citations and a reference list (examples of APA links are available under Course Info).

Use sources from within the last 7 to 10 years.

Refrain from personal pronouns (“I,” “me,” “we,” etc.) in your initial posts.

Be sure to answer what is asked of you thoroughly.

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