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Audience Analysis-Marketing Manager

Audience Analysis-Marketing Manager

Scenario Requiring Audience Analysis

A case of a marketing manager at a technology company tasked with introducing a groundbreaking product to the market is considered. The cutting-edge smartphone product targets a diverse audience that includes tech enthusiasts, parents concerned about online safety, and budget-conscious consumers. The marketing manager team has prepared a comprehensive launch plan, and now it’s time to communicate the key details to various stakeholders. Notably, the communication will be intended to inform the audience. Further, the communication will adopt a written format.

Audience Analysis

Audience Audience Concerns Should Be Informed Feeling Goal Content Goal
Parents They are concerned with safety features, parental controls, and educational benefits. They should feel safe Product safety features
Technology Enthusiasts Technology enthusiasts seek technical specifications, advanced features, and comparisons with competitors to make an informed decision. Better features as compared to competitors Superior product
Consumers Budget-conscious consumers want to know about pricing options, discounts, and cost-effectiveness. Affordable product A better service from an affordable product
Business partners Interested in collaboration opportunities Profitable opportunity to pursue A new investment opportunity for consideration
Regulatory authorities Interested to know whether the new product meets industry and safety standards Safety for the general public is assured Policy is enforced


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No required word count for Audience Analysis; 100-200 words for scenario Audience Analysis applies to. Sources are not required but can be used. Any sources used must be correctly formatted with in-text citations and reference lists. Peer-reviewed sources no more than 5 years old are preferred. The source can be your textbook.

Audience AnalAysis-Marketing Manager

Audience AnalAysis-Marketing Manager

• You may use no more than two direct quotes in a
written assignment; it’s better to use none at all. Direct quotes must be no longer than 40 words and preferably much less.
• You may not use PLOP quotes.
• All direct quotes must be cited correctly, with citations that include the page or paragraph number where the quote was found.
APA-compliant in-text-citations, reference list, and writing style
The communication for which you are conducting an Audience Analysis can involve your own workplace but doesn’t have to.
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