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Article Evaluation- Does Gun Control Reduce Violent Crime

Article Evaluation- Does Gun Control Reduce Violent Crime

The article, “Does gun control reduce violent crime?” by Kleck, G., Kovandzic, T. V., & Bellows, J. (2016) published in SSRN Electronic Journal review the impact of gun control laws on the rate of violence. The main argument is that gun control laws have no impact on crime rates because the levels of gun ownership do not have a net positive impact on the rates of violence. The authors use facts and findings by other researchers to explain the scope and prevalence of the problem. For instance, statistics from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation are used to demonstrate the prevalence of gun-related crimes.

The article is organized using the problem and solution model that begins with describing the problem and then proposing a solution. The author begins by providing a background of the problem of gun violence based on statistics of gun-related crimes and arguments made by other authors on whether gun levels should influence violence and crime rates. They also focus on determining whether the availability of a gun to a prospective aggressor can encourage attacks, particularly by weaker attackers on more numerous or weaker victims. Additionally, they evaluate whether gun availability facilitates attacks from a distance or attacks by people too cowardly to attack with other weapons such as knives or are too timid to attempt closer attacks. They propose the solution to gun violence as setting stricter gun laws, banning the purchase of guns by alcoholics or criminals as long as these measures are supported by a system for identifying whether individuals fall into the prohibited categories of mentally ill people, alcoholics, and criminals.

The content in the article varies based on the different subsections used to divide it. The first section provides an overview of gun-related crimes in the United States and measures that have been taken to reduce these crimes. The section also provides a brief overview of the relationship between gun control laws and gun-related violence and crimes. The second section reviews research conducted by other researchers on the impact of gun control laws on crime and the need to control the levels of gun ownership. The third section reviews the research method used by the authors to test the hypothesis on the relationship between gun control and violence rate. The fifth section discusses the analytical procedures used by the authors in their research. The authors then discuss the results of the research in the sixth section and then provide a discussion and conclusion section. They conclude with the declaration of conflicting interests, funding, and notes sections. All the information provided in the article is relevant and connected to the concept of the use of gun control to reduce violent crimes.

The article’s readability is enhanced by its organization and the use of bold letters to highlight the most important sections. Readability is also enhanced by the use of tables to summarize important information. The authors also use closing sentences to transition from one section to another. For instance, the theory section ends with a thesis statement outlining the purpose of the study to prepare readers on what to expect in the literature review section. The authors also use questions to give readers an idea of the arguments different sections discuss. For instance, in the theory section, the authors begin by asking why gun levels should influence violence and crime rates.

Work Cited

Kleck, G., Kovandzic, T. V., & Bellows, J. (2016). Does gun control reduce violent crime? SSRN Electronic Journal.


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Article Evaluation- Does Gun Control Reduce Violent Crime

Article Evaluation- Does Gun Control Reduce Violent Crime

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