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Article Critique-Critical Sustainability Issues during the Construction of a New Stadium

Article Critique-Critical Sustainability Issues during the Construction of a New Stadium

I agree with Erten and Özfiliz’s article on critical sustainability issues during the construction of a new stadium. Erten and Özfiliz (2006) delve into the issue of sustainability regarding the construction of stadiums in urban areas. Modern stadium construction teams are paying attention to the issue of sustainability, given the significant areas covered by stadiums constructed in cities. One of the sustainability concerns stadium constructors take into consideration is if the facility is constructed in a way that space is well used. Stadium space should be used well so that other services such as parking, electricity, and water distribution are not disrupted. The second issue stadium construction teams should pay attention to is the ecological sustainability of the stadium. The stadium should adopt energy efficiency and alternative energy sources to that end.

Article Overview

One of the points Erten and Özfiliz highlight is the lack of sustainability in public stadiums. Most of these stadiums are reserved for specific events, which subjects them to wear and tear (Erten & Özfiliz, 2006). Also, the fact that only a few events are held in public stadiums means that little maintenance effort is given to such stadiums. To that end, the authors raise one key aspect of sustainability that is often forgotten- architectural sustainability. The stadiums hold historical closing and opening ceremonies; hence, the stadium should be constructed with modern features that cater for such events (Erten & Özfiliz, 2006). The authors also compare two periods to highlight the changes that have occurred with regard to construction over time. One notable change after 1990 is the assignment of due attention to spectators’ safety following catastrophic accidents that took place previously. Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.

Design and Construction Regulation

According to Fried & Kastel (2021), design and construction regulations for most stadiums are controlled by either FIFA or IOC. In most cases, these bodies require nations to construct mega stadiums with much free space for future use. There are also specific regulations imposed by these bodies regarding the construction of different stadiums. For instance, for a stadium to be approved by FIFA to be used in internal matches, it must have sufficient sitting areas to accommodate fans. Sports bodies tend to draw significant regulatory control over government regulatory agencies for most stadiums.

Major Trends Impacting the Facility

One of the major trends that have influenced stadium construction over the years is traffic accidents inside and outside stadiums. Both mega and league stadiums have been hit by accidents arising from their weak construction forms (Fried & Kastel, 2021). To that end, some changes have since been implemented to improve the situation. A notable change is that fans’ sitting areas have become larger and more partitioned.

Article Critique

The article sufficiently highlights the issue of sustainability in stadiums. The fact that different aspects of sustainability, such as architecture, space use, and ecological sustainability, are mentioned clearly indicates that the authors had a firm glimpse of modern sustainability concerns for stadiums. However, while trying to portray the core features of stadiums, the authors over-rely on mega Olympic stadiums. The authors would have focused on all types of stadiums, including even the small ones, to capture sustainability better.


In summary, the process of constructing stadiums is long and requires all stakeholders’ input. A key consideration for those seeking to develop a new stadium is its spatial, economic, and architectural sustainability. While at it, there is a need to involve relevant sports institutions such as FIFA, which will ensure that the construction process aligns with relevant international standards.


Erten, S., & Özfiliz, S. (2006). Stadium construction and sustainability: The review of mega event stadiums (1990–2012). In 1st International CIB Endorsed METU Postgraduate Conference, Ankara, Turkey (pp. 525-541).

Fried, G., & Kastel, M. (2021). Managing sports facilities. Human Kinetics.


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Unit III Article Critique
Weight: 10% of course grade
Facility Article Critique
Planning and constructing a sports facility require cooperation between a variety of people, agencies, and interests. For this assignment, you will use the online library databases to select an article that focuses on the planning and construction of a stadium or arena. Specific journals that may have relevant articles include the Journal of Sport Management, the Journal of Facility Planning, Design, and Management, or The Sport Journal. The article must be from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal such as these. Please contact the library team if you need assistance locating an article in the library’s databases.

Article Critique-Critical Sustainability Issues during the Construction of a New Stadium

Article Critique-Critical Sustainability Issues during the Construction of a New Stadium

The steps for completing the assignment are as follows:
Part 1 – Select the article.
Navigate to the online library, select a database, and select an appropriate article.
Read the article, and think about the points the author has made in relation to the content of this unit.
Using elements of the article, form a reaction to the article and the author’s viewpoint. Prepare to share your critique of the article.
Part 2 – Write the paper.
After selecting your article, you will write a two-page paper sharing what the article was about and your critique of it. In your article critique, include specifics regarding the design and construction regulations used during the planning or building of the facility, and identify the major trends that influenced the planning of the equipment used in the facility. Be sure to incorporate material from the Required Unit Resources and explain how your selected article relates to the information covered in this unit.
Make sure that your opinion/critique is the result of your insight as well as your logical and critical thinking. A simple statement of agreement or disagreement is not sufficient. You must clearly and logically state (and cite) the reasons for your opinion.
Write the paper. Include in the content:
an introductory statement about whether you agree or disagree with the author,
an overview of the article’s main points and how it relates to the topics covered in this unit,
identification of design and construction regulations involved in the building of the facility,
major trends that impacted the planning of the facility,
your critique of the article, and
a summary of your reaction to the article.
Submit your paper using the information provided below.
Paper requirements are as follows:
Write at least two double-spaced pages (plus a title page and reference page).
Address the topic of the paper using critical thought. The required information listed above should clearly stand out and be unambiguous. Otherwise, it will be determined to be missing.
Ensure that all parts of your paper are formatted according to the APA Style as detailed in the approved APA manual.
Include a reference page as the final page of your paper. Ensure that this page is completed and formatted according to the correct APA Style.
Avoid the serious consequence of plagiarism by using your own words and including citations for sources you used.
As with all assignments, non-scholarly sources such as Wikipedia and may not be cited in your work.
The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.

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