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Argument Essay Outline – Implementing Free Speech Regulations

Argument Essay Outline – Implementing Free Speech Regulations

Technological developments continue to influence people’s daily lives. With technological advancements, people’s way of life, such as communication methods, is simplified with the internet and communication platforms. Over time, social media platforms have continued growing in numbers while gaining users worldwide. Consistently, people of diverse backgrounds and with varying opinions and ideas are presented with platforms that they use to interact. Following the stipulations of the First Amendment, people have a right to free speech; thus, censorship over public platforms infringes on free speech (Brannon 2). Accordingly, people can share their ideas without the fear of retribution. Consequently, this freedom begs the question of the need for censorship; can more be done to remedy a society that is now immersed in hate speech, cyberbullying, and fake news? Thesis: Therefore, free speech regulations on social media platforms should be implemented because free speech increases fake news, hate speech, and cyberbullying cases.

For the proper drafting of my argument essay, I will address all my arguments and counterarguments with each in its own paragraph accompanied by their support from my research, as illustrated below;

Body Paragraph 1

Topic Sentence: Free speech regulations should be implemented to reduce fake news prevalence.

Supporting detail 1: Fake news is a type of misinformation or disinformation that is prevailing in societies (Ashford et al. 1).

Supporting detail 2: According to Ashford et al., fake news causes an increase in cases of bad intentions or malicious intent (1).

Supporting detail 3: Fake news affects the public, causing torment and distraught  (Ashford et al. 2).

Body Paragraph 2

Topic Sentence: Free speech regulations should be implemented to reduce hate speech cases.

Supporting detail 1: Hate speech yields insults, depression, and menace (Udoh-Oshin 8)

Supporting detail 2: According to Udoh-Oshin, hate speech is protected under the First Amendment (7).

Supporting detail 3: Hate speech affects societal equality (Udoh-Oshin 7)

Body Paragraph 3

Topic Sentence: Free speech regulations should be implemented to reduce incidents of cyberbullying

Supporting detail 1: Cyberbullying causes depression and it is one of the factors in the increase in suicide cases.

Supporting detail 2: Cyberbullying causes psychological torture as other social media platforms effects do (Christodoulides et al. 1686)

Supporting detail 3: Cyberbullying causes anxiety and lowers self-esteem.

Body Paragraph 4

Topic Sentence: Free speech regulations will infringe on people’s rights to free speech.

Supporting detail 1: People have a right to express their opinions publicly.

Supporting detail 2: Social media platforms are protected by the First Amendment (Brannon 3).

Supporting detail 3: free speech promotes the public agenda (Wihbey et al. 5).

After the counterargument, a conclusion will sum up the argument essay. The conclusion will emphasize the affirmative position on the topic of “Social media and Free speech” illustrating why that position is chosen by considering the arguments made in the argument essay. By adding on research to strengthen the support, the need for regulation implementation of social media platforms will be elaborated on in the arguments.

Works Cited

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Implementing Free Speech Regulations

Implementing Free Speech Regulations

Write a 250-500 word outline for your argument essay.
Include at least 4-6 sources, which will most likely include the sources you included on your Annotated Bibliography assignment but may include some new sources you have found.
Type “Thesis” and then write your thesis, which you should revise based on the feedback you received on the discussion board.
Identify the most effective way to organize your ideas and how you will support them.
Every point should clearly support your thesis in some way.
Indicate where you will use your research as support for your ideas or as potential objections to your argument.
Cite your sources so you can locate them again later.
Include a Works Cited page at the end.

My thesis is: Free speech regulations on social media platforms should be implemented because free speech increases fake news, hate speech, and cyberbullying cases.

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