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Applying Sampling Techniques and Data Collection

Applying Sampling Techniques and Data Collection

I have been able to gain an in-depth understanding of what the research method entails. I am able to differentiate various studies based on whether they are experimental or non-experimental. Survey and observational methods are commonly used in the field of psychology (Scholtz, de Klerk & de Beer, 2020), and I find myself employing these methods more often. I find myself conducting studies on issues that greatly interest me. At the beginning of the course, I talked about how the patients in the facility where l worked always asked me questions regarding the medication’s effect since l worked closely with them as their therapy aid. I work in the mental health /drug abuse facility, and l promised to let the doctor know about their concern. With the knowledge I have of research methods, I am able to confidently collect information and provide feedback to the doctor regarding the concerns made about the potential side effects of the medications based on the complaints that I receive from the clients.

I am currently writing some survey questions that I can use to gather information on how the medications affect the patients to obtain proper recommendations on the continuation or discontinuation of the medication. I have also been able to sit down and write a number of survey questions on other topics that I am interested in. For instance, recently, I took part in writing some questions that can help couples assess the quality of their relationships and these questions were submitted to members of the Church. I will take part in analyzing the data obtained and making appropriate recommendations to couples regarding how they can improve their relations. I can continue using the information that I have learned to improve my research skills and get better at analyzing and interpreting information personally and professionally.


Scholtz, S. E., de Klerk, W., & de Beer, L. T. (2020). The use of research methods in psychological research: A systematised review. Frontiers in research metrics and analytics, 5, 1.


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During Module 3, we discussed sampling techniques and data collection. Think about how you can use this information in your daily life, both personally and professionally.

Applying Sampling Techniques and Data Collection

Applying Sampling Techniques and Data Collection


Week 7:

Provide an example of how you are using a more critical lens when presented with information. Share the questions that you are asking because of what you now know about sampling techniques and data collection.

Week 8:

Now that you have a better understanding of what research methods are, reflect on what you wrote at the beginning of and midway through this course. How has your understanding changed? Provide an example of how research methods apply in your discipline. How might you be able to use what you learned in this course in your life, personally and professionally? 

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