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Analyzing Organizational Culture at Netflix- A Watzlawick’s Iceberg Model Perspective

Analyzing Organizational Culture at Netflix- A Watzlawick’s Iceberg Model Perspective

Variable Source
Observable Artifacts

·         Observable artifacts at Netflix include the open physical office. The company’s open space includes open workstations, well-decorated rooms, and casual sitting areas (Netflix, 2023).

·         An open office setup supports the company’s collaboration and team culture (Opresnik, 2014).

·          Another notable observable artifact is the casual dress adopted by the company. Unlike the traditional workplace, where employees are required to wear official clothes, Netflix employees are free to dress as per their preferences.


Physical environment to encourage teamwork and collaboration
Espoused Values

  • Espoused values at Netflix include employee freedom.
  • Netflix employees are encouraged to take risks and self-initiative (Netflix, 2023). If they make mistakes in the process, they will learn from them and improve.
  • The company also encourages innovation and willingness to accept change (Netflix, 2023). Netflix also places a premium on meeting customers’ needs.
Individual Initiative


Enacted Values

  • Enacted values refer to the actual norms practiced in the organization, and sometimes, they can be the same as espoused values (Tharp, 2009).
  • One enforced value at Netflix is data-driven decision-making (McCord, n.d). The company relies on consumer data to produce content and offer recommendations based on their needs.
Decision-making processes
Basic Assumption

  • Basic assumption values at Netflix include risk-taking.
  • Most company employees believe risk-taking is fundamental to growth and development. Risk-taking bolsters the company’s competitive edge.


Socialization processes


McCord, P. (n.d.). How Netflix Reinvented HR. Harvard Business Publishing Education.

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Tharp, B. M. (2009). Defining “culture” and “organizational culture”: From anthropology to the office. Interpretation a Journal of Bible and Theology, Harworth7, 1-5.


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As you work on this assignment, you will need to refer to the readings about Netflix in the Module One Readings and Resources folder.

For this assignment, your task is to incorporate the concepts in Watzlawick’s iceberg model of communication to analyze the organizational culture at Netflix.

Analyzing Organizational Culture at Netflix- A Watzlawick's Iceberg Model Perspective

Analyzing Organizational Culture at Netflix- A Watzlawick’s Iceberg Model Perspective

As you work on this assignment, refer to the Module Two overview in regard to the four categories of an organization’s culture: observable artifacts, espoused values, enacted values, and basic assumptions. You will also provide two examples from the readings on Netflix for each category.

Completing this assignment will provide you with key insights that will assist you in completing Section II: Cultural Analysis Overview of Milestone One.

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