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Aligning Marketing Efforts with Organizational Strategy Memo

Aligning Marketing Efforts with Organizational Strategy Memo

To: The Chief Marketing Officer

From: The Marketing Director

CC: Other recipients

Subject: Aligning Marketing Efforts with Organizational Strategy


Following the successful reopening of the park and the drafting of our marketing plan, the next step will be to conduct marketing research and develop clear market strategies for our endeavour. I’ve prepared a write-up detailing our marketing research efforts and clear marketing strategies aimed at connecting with our target audience

Marketing Research Efforts


Surveying is one of the market research efforts that the theme park can employ is market surveying. A Survey is a qualitative research method that entails asking customers open-ended or closed questions about the business (Grenier, 2019). Questions regarding the theme park will be directed at the parents of the target customers. Most of the clients at the theme park are mostly children brought by their parents; hence asking the parents important questions will help the business make key decisions. Also, the secondary target audiences (ages 15-18) sometimes come alone; hence can provide critical insights to guide the theme park’s strategy.

Focus Groups

Another effective market research effort that can fit the theme park is the use of focus groups. A focus group is a group of people who fit a company’s target audience (Grenier, 2019). A professional moderator leads a conversation about a product or consumer experience to collect important market data. The theme park will gather a random group of park lovers aged 6-18 and collect data about their preferences. Parents can also be potential focus groups. However, there is a need to pay attention to common errors characteristic of the method, including dominance and moderator biases.

The Influence of Organizational Values on Company Strategy

A mission statement describes the reason for the existence of an organization and how it plans to serve its stakeholders. Primary stakeholders are the employees, customers, and investors (University of Minnesota, 2015). Other stakeholders such as the community and the government also influence an organization’s actions as per the mission statement. The mission of South East Park is to provide clients with an exceptional experience.

On the other hand, a company’s vision states what the company desires its future to look like. A vision statement aims to inspire and challenge employees (University of Minnesota, 2015). South East Theme Park’s vision is to be the number one global theme park of choice, and this will influence employees’ productivity.

As described in the mission and vision statements, values also influence organizational strategies. They show how an organization is emotionally invested in its stakeholders (University of Minnesota, 2015). South East Park has separately outlined values that guide its strategic decisions. For instance, diversity and inclusion will inspire the company to include employees from diverse backgrounds in its workforce. Besides, such an organization listens to and considers the views of all employees before making important decisions.

Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for reopening the theme park. Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide free marketing opportunities for the park (Hill, n.d.). The marketing company carefully filters pictures and videos to showcase the entertainment experiences at the theme park. Besides, they can encourage patrons to share their experiences on social media and tag the company (Hill, n.d.). However, there is a need to approach social media marketing with care to avoid damaging the brand’s reputation. Inappropriate and poor-quality content should not be attributed to a brand.

Local Television Advertisement

Theme and amusement park marketing is largely influenced by geography. Television will come in handy to help South East Park defend its reopening decisions. The marketing team can make friends with the local press members, who will give the organization marketing airtime at every opportunity. Another way to market through television is by partnering with media houses to offer packaged promotions.


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Aligning Marketing Efforts with Organizational Strategy Memo

Aligning Marketing Efforts with Organizational Strategy Memo


A target audience is determined by understanding who your product or service appeals to and who is most likely to use those products or services. There are various forms of research that can assist in this determination, including Google Analytics, Facebook Audience, and multiple forms of consumer research including surveys, focus groups, and, importantly, learnings from your current customer base and profile. You have already been provided with the target audience for the theme park. Now it is time to move on to aligning your marketing research efforts to further connect with the target audience.

You have already worked on the strategic marketing plan template, which contains a plan to address the park’s reopening needs. The CMO now requires you to determine the needed marketing research effort and additional clear marketing strategies to connect with the target audience and their alignment with the vision, mission, and values of the global park organization. It will be critical to keep the organizational parameters of vision, mission, and values in mind as the strategies are determined and ultimately executed.


Draft a memo to the CMO outlining the marketing research efforts and their alignment with the vision, mission, and values of the organization in the course scenario. You must share two marketing strategies as well.

Specifically, you must address the following criteria:

  1. Describe the marketing research efforts that should be conducted before establishing a strategic direction. Consider the following:
    • What market demographics should be chosen?
    • What marketing channels are most suitable for the purpose?
  1. Refer to the Theme Park Vision, Mission, and Values of the organization and address the key factors of vision, mission, and values in relation to strategic direction.
    • How would the values of the organization influence the marketing strategy?
  1. Determine two marketing strategies that can help ensure the successful reopening of all the parks.
    • Explain how these strategies support the decision to reopen the parks.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit a 1- to 2-page Word document using double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

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