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Alice Walker’s -Everyday Use

Alice Walker’s -Everyday Use

Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” shows a heartfelt examination of heritage and identity through the lens of a family’s relationships and possessions. Dee, the daughter returning home after a long absence, confronts her mother about the quilts in one crucial scene that highlights the significant literary aspect of the piece. Painstakingly crafted by the family’s women, these quilts serve as a tangible link to their shared heritage. Walker expertly uses symbolism to highlight the conflict between Dee’s wish to display the quilts as antiques and her mother’s knowledge of their significance as useful objects steeped in ancestral history and traditions.

The quilts are a metaphor for the more significant cultural identity and tradition issues. Walker masterfully combines the cultural significance of quilting within African-American communities, emphasizing its role in preserving and passing along ancestral narratives. Dee’s perception of the quilts as artistic objects to be shown in an abstract cultural environment contrasts dramatically with her mother’s view of them as practical goods to be utilized in everyday life. This contradiction between preservation and practicality exemplifies the tension between various generations’ views of cultural heritage and the shifting nature of traditions.

Furthermore, the scene with the quilts highlights the characters’ opposing perspectives about heritage and personal identity. Dee’s rejection of her given name, in favor of the African name “Wangero,” demonstrates her desire to embrace an idealized version of her cultural background. On the other hand, Walker claims that Dee’s interpretation is shallow, without an emotional link to the lived experiences inherent in the family’s goods. The quilt scene in “Everyday Use” is a microcosm of the larger story, showing the dilemma between preserving traditional legacy and adapting it to modern tastes. Walker asks viewers to consider the complicated dynamics of familial ties, cultural identity, and the changing nature of traditions through the symbolism of the quilts.


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Literary Analysis This topic is a story by Alice Walker’s “everyday use.”

Alice Walker's -Everyday UseAlice Walker's -Everyday Use

Alice Walker’s -Everyday Use

must analysis this story must be 3 to 5 paragraphs

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