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7-2 Journal: Leading Effective Groups And Teams

7-2 Journal: Leading Effective Groups And Teams

While reflecting on when I had a positive experience working with a team, I realized that it had not happened too often. It can be very frustrating when some people cannot work well as a team. The time that I had a positive experience was before my manager left my current job at Lindt & Sprungli. It seemed as though the whole team was on the same level and held similar goals as each other. The team was more productive when we all had similar goals and were on the same level. Another principle that my team had going for us was that we all knew the expectations. Usually, the expectations were high, forcing us to work harder and improve at everything we did. We have a different manager, and we are all on different levels. There is no way to work as a team when people are on different levels. It is amazing what being a team on the same level does.

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Most places where I have worked have weak teamwork and leadership skills. So far, it has been a dysfunctional experience. I used to host a bustling restaurant in a tourist area. Generally, within about 30 minutes of being open, at least we would be on a 45-minute wait. While hosting during hectic times, the manager would stand with us and help us take down names, walk around the restaurant and see when customers were going to finish, and bring customers to tables. It was a negative experience because things were out of order the whole time. Instead of working as a unit, it was their way or no way. They did not allow us to work as a unit nor trust us. Trust in your employees is essential when working as a team. There was one manager who trusted his employees, and he worked with us as a unit. We were more successful than when working with others that did the opposite. Everything about leadership within this restaurant made working as a team a terrible experience.

If I were the manager of the team at the restaurant, I would have team meetings before opening to bring everyone together. Doing this would allow time for everyone to be on the same level and hold similar goals. As I learned on Inc., “An effective team has common goals” (Musselwhite, 2007). I would make sure throughout the day that everyone was still set on that goal, and if they were struggling, I would help guide them instead of just letting them deal with things on their own. I would also make sure that my employees knew that I trusted them and that they could do anything they set their minds to. This allows freedom between them and management and shows that I believe in them. Usually, when the person above you shows how much they believe in you, you try harder and hold yourself to higher expectations. Holding yourself to higher expectations makes you a better person because it pushes you out of your comfort zone. These are things that I would like in a manager because I feel they would make me a better employee and person.

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OL 215 Journal Guidelines and Rubric

The journal assignments are a private conversation between you and the instructor. Thus, you are encouraged to deeply explore the concepts of organizational structure and the organizational leadership and management principles presented.

7-2 Journal: Leading Effective Groups And Teams

7-2 Journal: Leading Effective Groups And Teams

Guidelines for Submission: Submit the assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA formatting.

Read the following articles about building and leading effective teams:

Managing groups and teams is an essential element of the leading facet of the P-O-L-C framework. As you read these articles, reflect on your experience working in groups and teams, and then address the following prompts:

  1. Think about a positive experience when you worked in a group or team and identinciples that were present in articles exhibited by your group or team. Explain how these principles helped the group or team succeed.
  2. Think about a negative experience when you worked in a group or team and identify which principles from the articles were lacking. Explain how the lack of these principles led to poor performance of the group or team.

If you were the manager of that group or team, how would you correct the issues that caused the poor performance? Consider the material from this module and in the articles.

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