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Writing observations Video response article worksheet

Writing observations Video response article worksheet 

Title and author of the text of article reading

Documenting a Child’s Development Through Observations by Susan Allen

Key concepts: 

Strategies for working with children for parents, teachers, and caregivers

The more knowledge a caregiver has about how a child can learn, the more meaningful the time they spend together can be.

To help children develop to their full capabilities, it is important to engage them in activities that fit their needs, encouraging them not only to grow but also to stretch  (Allen, 2014).

Observing a child helps one learn about their needs and understand the gaps they have in their social, language, and behavioral skills.

There are various types of observations that caregivers can use to learn more about children and their needs.

What was new to me:

Various types of checklists can be used during observations. Teachers should select the most effective based on a child’s needs.

Observation can be spontaneous or planned, and caregivers observe children with the aim of making sense of what they observe and giving meaning. Evidence collected while observing a child helps teachers make informed decisions on how best to support the child (Allen, 2014).

Being present in the moment allows the caregiver to enjoy the company of the child and learn ways to provide reinforcement as a way to encourage certain behaviors.

I need clarification on:

Why no single observation can give a caregiver all the information they need about a child, and why they need to use various types of checklists when observing children.

Why it is important for caregivers to listen to children as well as watch them when observing and how using such a combined method can help teachers learn and understand through listening to their speech.

Summative thoughts-what meaning does this have for me?

As a teacher in the making, I have learned that when observation is done frequently as part of learning sessions, children are accustomed to showcasing certain behavior patterns and skills. Children show how they feel by the way they do things as well as what they love doing. Through observing, children communicate through their voices, postures, gestures, mannerisms, and facial expressions.


Allen, S. (2014, October 28). 4C Writing observations: Documenting a child’s development through observations [Video]. YouTube.


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Writing observations Video response article worksheet

Writing observations Video response article worksheet

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