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Writing Objectives and Assessments

Writing Objectives and Assessments


Identify the Standards and Anchor Standards Write Objectives and Identify the Cognitive level Assessment- Type of Assessment Activities/Teaching Procedures What skill could you integrate into this lesson?
Day 1


RI 1.1 Questioning students on key information obtained from the text.

The students will verbally retell the main ideas obtained, and the teacher will evaluate their delivery with 75% accuracy (Sami & Arumugam, 2020). Each student will be required to deliver accurate responses to the pre-assessment tests. We will conduct a lecture section to clarify key ideas. The students will engage in group discussions, and then later, each student will attend a post-assessment test. Group discussion will be incorporated to enhance collaboration and interaction.
Day 2


RI 1.2 Asking the students to highlight five specific claims identified.

The students will write down five specific claims outlined in the text on their chart papers. The teacher will assess the correct items and award each claim one point. Students will document and present claims that will be evaluated and analyzed. At the beginning of the lesson, all students will present their claims and arguments drawn from the text. Questioning and listening skills will be upheld to evaluate students understanding of the text’s information.
Day 3


RI 1.3 Asking each to demonstrate their understanding of the concept attained practically.

The students will present creative models or illustrations aligning with the obtained information. The teacher will grade their presentations out of ten. Students will be monitored on their activeness in the practical activities and changes recommended to increase their understanding (Ulum, 2022). Each student will present a practical activity that aligns with specific claims and knowledge attained. Teamwork and mentorship skills will be integrated to guide students in areas where they face challenges.

 This writing objectives and assessment focus on setting a guideline for students to deliver critical arguments and specific claims in the class text. The objectives ensure that all students learn the same since they will engage in group discussions to share and exchange ideas for acquiring knowledge. The assessment procedures evaluate the student’s understanding and remembrance of attained knowledge (Rini & Cahyanto, 2020). Engaging students in practical activities will help them demonstrate their understanding, and applying the claims will increase information retention. The writing objectives and assessment are essential in achieving the lesson goals and objectives. Are you in need of any assignment help or assistance. Contact us.


Rini, T. A., & Cahyanto, B. (2020, November). Supporting elementary students’ creative writing skills with assessment as learning. In 2nd Early Childhood and Primary Childhood Education (ECPE 2020) (pp. 51-57). Atlantis Press.

Sami, J. C. A., & Arumugam, U. (2020). A descriptive analysis of students’ learning skills using Bloom’s revised taxonomy. Journal of Computer Science16(2), 183-193.

Ulum, Ö. G. (2022). Is the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy revisited in the EFL/ESL reading textbooks? OPUS Journal of Society Research19(45), 170-177.


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For this assignment, I want you to write 3-5 objectives & 3-5 assessments for this lesson plan. You may use the standards given in this lesson and edit or add new ones.

See how many different ways you could write and teach this lesson.

Writing Objectives and Assessments

Writing Objectives and Assessments

Can you think of any additional standards that you could add to this lesson plan that has not been mentioned?

Remember the assessments need to align with the standard(s) and objective(s).


Standard(s) -Use the ones listed
Integrated standard(s)
Anchored Standard(s)
Objective(s)- for regular standard

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