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Work Place Diversity

Work Place Diversity

What is the diversity stance of the company you selected from the approved company list?

Sony is a company that deals with electronics products. The company has a global portfolio includes financial services, entertainment, and electronics products. Due to its global portfolio, it has embraced diversity as an effective management strategy in the workplace. Therefore, each individual working in the company is respected, and everyone is encouraged to embrace the differences that might arise among them (Rosemary 1). The diversity has enabled the company to create new value and drive the company’s growth further through the use of a variety of knowledge and skills in the production process and marketing of the company’s goods.

If you were starting a business that required hiring new personnel, what diversity elements would be a priority and why? Explain.

In a business, monotony regarding skills, knowledge, race, religion, leadership, talent inclusion, age, and sexual orientation of individuals is not productive. When starting a business, I would consider some of the diverse elements: skills and knowledge, leadership, talent, physical and mental conditions, gender, and age (Rosemary 1). Working with people with various experts from different places and periods brings more growth than working with one type of people. Whenever a company is diversified, it is easy to expand to other areas with different nationalities, races, and ages since they have personnel who can go to every home.


 Rosemary Hays-Thomas. (2017). Managing Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: A Psychological Perspective. Routledge.


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Diversity in the work environment promotes acceptance, respect, and teamwork despite differences in race, age, gender, language, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, communication styles, and other differences. Discuss the following:

Work Place Diversity

Work Place Diversity

What is your selected company’s stance on diversity?

If you were starting a business that required hiring new personnel, would diversity be a priority? How important would it be to you on a list of other considerations? Explain.

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