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Women and Leadership- Family Career or Both

Women and Leadership- Family Career or Both

After going through this week’s resources, I think that one of the most underrated challenges women face is choosing between their careers and family. Society has made motherhood seem like a lazy option, a way out for women who do not want to work, or a disadvantage to being a woman in that it denies one the chance of advancing in their career. These ideas are so deeply rooted in society that sometimes even mothers can grow resentment towards their children for keeping them from advancing their careers (Think Tank With Ben Wattenberg, 2004). I think motherhood is one of the most important jobs and should be treated as such. Just like soldiers put their lives on the line when they go to war, the same applies to women who choose to have children and raise families. Statistics show that approximately 1300 women die annually in America from pregnancy-related issues, most of which are preventable (World Health Organization, 2023). This does not take into account the statistics of miscarriages or other situations that lead to the death of an unborn child. In addition, there is the risk of giving birth to a child who is not 100% healthy (Luke et al., 2021, p. 117), which adds to the stress of raising that child, especially for an inexperienced mother.

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Further, mothers as primary caregivers have the job of raising the children healthily so that they live long, educating them and ensuring they grow up to benefit society. Suppose all these factors were to be considered and we lived in a fair society; women would be compensated for all their efforts. As such, I believe society needs to change the narrative that women who choose families over careers are losing because the truth is the complete opposite. If women were to choose careers over raising families, society would probably not last long before extinction due to low birth rates. However, the opposite benefits humanity and I think women should be credited accordingly (Knight, 2008, p. 3).

On the other hand, I also believe that women face several challenges that keep them from getting into leadership positions despite achieving more than men, especially in terms of qualifications (Rosin, 2010). All these challenges result from patriarchy, for example, cultural norms that prevent women from ascending into leadership positions (Haile et al., 2016, p. 38). In addition, other challenges include sexual harassment, pay gaps, male chauvinism, and the relegation of women to leadership positions that are ranked lower, like in human resource departments.


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Prompt:The module resources this week examine the challenges faced by women in leadership as well as the current status of women in leadership. Share your thoughts on the choice women must often make between family and career and other challenges that women in leadership face.

Women and Leadership- Family Career or Both

Women and Leadership- Family Career or Both

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