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Whole Group Lesson

Whole Group Lesson

The teaching profession is noble, but there are specific skills that a teacher needs to be more effective in the teaching domain. Undoubtedly, teachers are different and unique in their own ways; each can reach different learners in unique ways, which are valuable for success. Therefore, teachers require patience and knowledge of the content to lead a whole group lesson/activity effectively with young children.

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Most importantly, a teacher’s knowledge about the content being taught to a group of learners is the most vital skill they should have. Burden and David (2013) insist that a teacher must have rich knowledge about the content, learning information, and foundational information about teaching (5). This knowledge will help the teacher to lead a group of learners to study securely. For instance, a knowledgeable teacher will be ready to utilize various instructional skills to promote learning for all students because the teacher understands or is knowledgeable of the learners. Therefore, such a disposition of knowledge is often evident in a teacher’s written plans, where the teacher will indicate the use of cooperative learning groups, role-playing activities, and demonstrations to promote effective learning while leading a whole group lesson with young children.

Secondly, a teacher should exercise patience as a teaching skill to effectively lead a whole lesson for young children. In the teaching domain, every learner has unique struggles; some will have a hard time reading, and others’ maths will never come quickly. For others, even sitting in class would be a struggle (Burden and David 173). Therefore, patience in a tutor is fundamental in helping learners overcome their challenges. A whole group or large classroom with different students’ patience is a must for an excellent teacher to help lead the entire class to successful learning. For instance, the teacher must exercise patience with slow learners by engaging them in more activities or scheduling extra time to assist such learners.

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Weekly Assignment #7: Whole Group Lesson

Whole Group Lesson

Whole Group Lesson

What are some skills that a teacher must possess in order to effectively lead a whole group activity/lesson with young children; be sure that your response is at least 1 page in length.
Burden, Paul R. & Byrd, David M. (2016). Methods for Effective Teaching. Boston: Allyn and Bacon – 8th Edition.

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