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Where do you come from?- Family of Origin

Where do you come from?- Family of Origin

My Upbringing

I grew up in the Bronx, in New York City. The Bronx is the poorest district in the United States. However, the county also has upper-income and middle-income neighbourhoods. I was raised in middle-income neighbourhoods in Riverdale. The state is child-friendly and accommodative, supporting suitable livelihood. The Bronx’s Riverdale neighbourhood also has a high-security level. The area has numerous riverfront views, which are sites of attraction for adventure, and children engage in different fun outdoor activities.

Notably, the neighbourhood has the best-rated ethical and cultural setting. Moreover, the local schools were more instrumental in moulding my personality through ethical and moral empowerment. The community culture was binding, which helped my family intermingle with the new setting and effectively bond with neighbourhoods, supporting a friendly working and living environment.

The community significantly contributed to who I am. All settings encouraged and demanded each individual to uphold moral and ethical values to eradicate any barrier to effective communication and interaction, despite individuals having different backgrounds. The community’s guiding values have made me become a trustworthy, loving, and kind person.

The Bronx neighborhood has the best features, which made me prefer it for my children’s upbringing. Apart from its adventurous and attractive sites for children’s adventure, the community supports the development of a holistic person through teaching morally upright values and ethics, which are instrumental in moulding an instrumental and productive person in the community.

Despite the community being the most suitable and preferred residence, I would advocate for policies and strategies to improve the residents’ security level, as police surveillance in the neighbourhoods builds up community tension, hindering individual productivity.

Family of Origin

I am a Jamaican by origin. My father and mother were born in Jamaica. Life in Jamaica was extremely challenging, which brought my parents to hardships early on. Following the harsh environment in Jamaica, which subjected them to limited resources and inability to acquire necessities, my parents were forced to relocate to the United States of America in search of greener pastures to give my siblings and me a better life. My parents settled in the Bronx. They were determined and self-motivated to work extra hard to meet our needs and ensure we never lack. My parents were hardworking and collaborated to achieve the desired family goals, contributing to our well-being.

My family is very close, and we relate very well. Consistently,  every member of my family plays a significant role in ensuring the family runs smoothly. For example, my Mom and Dad work very hard to provide for the family, while my siblings and I have specific assigned household chores. We also observe different rituals that we enjoy a lot, such as birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Additionally, my family has a number of rules that we must uphold, such as treating one another with respect at all times, and my siblings and I always have to return home by six o’clock in the evening.

Furthermore, my family played an instrumental role in my personal development journey. My parents are compassionate, caring, and loving, as demonstrated through their dedication and efforts to ensure we never lack. They worked tirelessly to provide us with all our necessities, which motivated me to put more effort into my studies to achieve my future dreams to help support their needs in their older age. My parents are my role models as they mentor my personality by encouraging me to uphold good values and behaviour for my siblings to emulate and desire to have similar characteristics. Also, my parents’ life perspectives have always been instrumental in my life. They taught me that challenges should never depict my identity or dictate my worth. Instead, I should be willing and determined to resolve all underlying obstacles to achieve greater limits in life. Also, my parents taught us the importance of being mindful of others and sharing what little one has. All these empowerments have made me a loving, trustworthy, compassionate, and kind person.


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I need Two assignments done. The first assignment is Where do you come from? you need to answer all questions below, and the second Assignment is to write about Family origin. Both assignments will be posted below. I need both assignments done separately.

Where do you come from- Family of Origin.

Where do you come from- Family of Origin?

• Where do you come from?— class will begin with the assignment. Be on time!
Worth 10% of your final grade
Take a look at the community where you grew up:
¬ Was it child-friendly?
¬ What was the racial/ethnic/cultural make-up of the community? How did that effect you/your family?
¬ What role did it play in who you are today?
¬ Would you choose that community for your child/ren? Why/Why not?
¬ What, if anything would you change about your community?

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