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What would you do? – Ethics in Information Technology

What would you do? – Ethics in Information Technology

Part 1: What Would You Do? Scenario #2

The second scenario involves a friend going through a hard time with his partner and believing she might be cheating. Since he has asked for my help purchasing and installing a stalking app on his partner’s phone, I would follow the five-step decision-making process to help him regarding the situation he is currently experiencing with his current significant other. The first step would be identifying my goal in trying to resolve the problem that my friend is experiencing. Based on the case presented, my objective would be to determine the doubt already in place and restore normalcy in the intimate relationship between my friend and his partner. Identifying this goal will go a long way in enhancing my decision-making process and defending the decision I would have reached despite the consequences (Lunenburg, 2010). This would be followed by the second step of gathering information that I would use to weigh my options. Here, I will list every possible alternative by outlining the pros and cons of each based on the opinions of experts and professionals. This will ensure that I make an informed decision without biases and prejudice.

This would then be followed by considering the consequences of every alternative outlined in the table. For instance, the likely result of going through with the decision to install a stalking app on the partner’s phone is that the relationship may end up breaking eventually. However, the alternative of acting as an arbitrator between my friend and his partner may go a long way in strengthening their bond and successfully persuading the partner to cut ties with the individual she may be cheating her partner (Lunenburg, 2010). This option is more comfortable because it guarantees the longevity of the relationship. The fourth step would entail deciding by regulating my anxiety and trusting my instincts (Lunenburg, 2010). Since acting as an arbitrator would be the most ethical solution, I would proceed with implementing it. The last step would entail evaluating the decision made. Evaluation of the decision made concerning the challenge being experienced by my friend is as critical as the first step because it would ensure that I follow through to ensure that the decision works.

Part 2: Case #2: China’s Great Firewall

Critical Thinking Question One

The current use of the Chinese Internet-sovereignty model in China presents restrictions on the type of sites of content that can be published for public consumption. In this model, the Golden Shield Project focuses on censoring domestic sites while the Great Firewall keeps unwanted foreign sites from being accessed by Chinese citizens. Accessing these foreign sites is only possible if one uses a VPN to bypass government-induced restrictions (Reynolds, 2014). This restriction has been realized to be effective in regulating citizens’ perceptions concerning social or political aspects. However, using digital signatures to protect network sovereignty is an alternative Internet-sovereignty model that is acceptable for countries where the government wants to control information flow and access to the Internet and would still allow some room for freedom of expression (Reynolds, 2014). This model would work by requiring government officials and content providers to sign off on the content document, just like a digital envelope is signed off.

Critical Thinking Question Two

Some American users may feel offended after learning that their preferred social media platforms permit the Chinese government to spy on their accounts. These users may become very cautious with whatever information they post online to ensure that they stay within the freedom of expression provided to them. The ethical factors that an information technology company should consider while entering the Chinese marketplace include the party’s growing influence over the business, the difficulty in monitoring supply chains, and the penalties for unknowingly engaging in human rights violations (Reynolds, 2014). The economic factors that should be considered when doing business in China include consumer preference, market access, competition, and labor issues (Reynolds, 2014).

Critical Thinking Question Three

Any law that hinders child pornography, bestiality, snuff films, and any other highly offensive and illegal websites is entirely acceptable to me. These utilities of the Internet have no place within a decent society focused on raising children on moral grounds.


Lunenburg, F. C. (2010). The decision-making process. In National Forum of Educational Administration & Supervision Journal (Vol. 27, No. 4).

Reynolds, G. (2014). Ethics in information technology. Cengage learning.


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Ethics in Information Technology

Ethics in Information Technology

The purpose of this exercise is to practice thinking critically about privacy-related issues. On page 174 of the textbook, review scenario #2 in the “What Would You Do?” section and describe how you would handle the situation. Outline your response by using the five-step decision-making process as described in Chapter 1. Use your critical thinking skills, and compose your response in your own words. Your responses to Part 1 should be at least one page in length.
Part 2: Case #2: China’s Great Firewall
The purpose of this exercise is to practice thinking critically about how technology has impacted freedom of speech. On pages 215-216 of the textbook, analyze Case #2. Answer the three critical thinking questions that follow the case. Use your critical thinking skills, and compose your response in your own words. Your response to Part 2 should be at least one page in length.
You will combine both Part 1 and Part 2 together into one document and submit it for grading in Blackboard. Ensure that you label your responses as Part 1 and Part 2.
Your assignment will be at least two pages long, not including the title and reference pages. You must use at least your textbook as a source when completing this assignment. All sources used will have proper citations and references formatted in APA style.

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