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What is An Artifact?

What is An Artifact?

Portfolios utilize proof of someone’s work, education, and abilities to narrate a prudently created story to the world regarding who a person is and what they can do (Wray 1139). Typically, they comprise a structured content collection, for instance, files, videos, texts photos, and much more to narrate the story. As such, artifacts are these files, videos, text, and photos used to tell a person’s story. Thus, they prove what an individual has learned. Accompanying the artifacts comprises a reflection denoting why the artifacts replicate the person’s abilities, lessons learned while creating them, and the things the person should do differently in the future.

As such, one of the artifacts I will include in my portfolio comprises a summary of my teaching responsibilities. This pertains to my teaching experience and the tasks I was responsible for in my teaching career. Example: Responsibilities include creating and distributing learning materials such as assignments, summaries, and notes. The other artifact is a short discussion of my teaching techniques and approaches. Accordingly, this includes the teaching strategies I have used or intend to use in teaching. The next artifact is a reflective statement of my teaching goals and philosophy. This includes what I intend to attain in my teaching career and the attitude I will employ in instruction. Lastly, actions taken to improve teaching and a statement of future plans and goals will be part of the artifacts. This entails actions I have taken to improve my teaching, for instance, furthering my education. Some of the plans and goals I could include in the portfolio comprise exploring novel teaching strategies, teaching a new course, and progressing in education.

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Define and describe what an artifact will be in your portfolio.

What is An Artifact.

What is An Artifact?

Be careful not to be too brief; you will need to write AT LEAST 1 paragraph (8-10 sentences). Remember to check your paper for errors before submitting it.

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