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What Can You Do With Managerial Accounting

What Can You Do With Managerial Accounting

There are two job postings related to managerial accounting that I find interesting. The first job requires a maritime operations manager for CDH Houston, TX. Notably, I find this position interesting because it will allow me to utilize the skills obtained from managerial accounting. Particularly, the position will allow me to practice the costing methods that I have learned during managerial accounting. Based on the orders received, I will ascertain the costs and prices for cement bags. For instance, the position will grant me a good opportunity to use batch and job costing techniques. Further, the position will allow me to assign costs to various cost centers for correct cost management. In turn, I will help the company maintain competitive prices. Another job posting that I found interesting is that of Colony Hardware Corporation. Notably, this position entails a distribution leadership program. As a result, the post is noteworthy because it will enhance my experience in applying managerial accounting concepts. For instance, this job will greatly rely on my inventory management techniques to enhance organizational success.

Comparing the two positions and those requiring a background in financial accounting indicate similarities and differences. On the part of similarities, all positions require a team-oriented individual with considerable ability to work alongside others. Further, whether it is for a managerial accounting or financial accounting-related position, the position holder has to work in line with the company’s objectives. However, financial accounting is regulated more than managerial accounting, forming a basis for the difference between the two posts. For instance, a financial accounting position holder requires a practicing certificate. Further, the duties of financial accounting position holders are regulated beyond the organization (Casas-Arce et al., 2022). Notably, this is not the case with managerial accounting positions, which are internal and unregulated by external bodies such as the government.


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Decision-Making and Planning. Journal of Management Accounting Research34(1), 1- 7.


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• Describe at least two potential positions related to managerial accounting that you personally found to be interesting, and explain why they were noteworthy to you. Include a link to the job posting or job description.

What Can You Do With Managerial Accounting

What Can You Do With Managerial Accounting

• Compare these positions and job descriptions to those that require a background in financial accounting. Are they similar or different?

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