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Waste Management

Waste Management

The retirement home industry generates waste in its dining room department. During my high school and undergraduate college years, I used to work in the dining room of a retirement home in Sun City, Arizona. My duty was to deliver room service to the residents and package all their food in paper or styrofoam containers, which produced tremendous waste and cost for the dining room/kitchen. Not only did they have junk in the form of charge, but waste and pollution to the environment. Most discarded packaging usually ends up in landfills or as litter, which does not degrade quickly or at all, causing environmental damage (Food Print, 2020). Management noticed the waste being produced by packaging items in paper and styrofoam containers, and they invested in re-useable plastic-to-go containers that could be washed in industrial dishwashers. This helped reduce waste as the retirement home residents could return the containers to the dining room to be cleaned and reused.

Many brewing companies generate waste from leftover grains and grain bags, but many brewing companies donate their grains to livestock. Avery Brewing has become a drop-off for other area breweries, leading other brewing companies to drop their grain bags instead of sending them to landfills.


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Waste Management

Waste Management

In a fast food restaurant, for example, we often see overproduction (food sitting under hot lamps with no immediate sale), customers waiting, incorrect orders, undercooked or overcooked food that must be discarded, employees running around the kitchen not having clearly defined jobs, and so on.

Identify an organization familiar to you and provide examples of different types of waste. Additionally, identify some potential lean tools and approaches to addressing the destruction.

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